Happy 1st Birthday – Beyonce’s First Litter is 1 Today!

14 Dec

I cannot believe a year has gone by since Beyonce had her first litter. We spent the night on the bathroom floor together, here’s a picture I took before bedtime

 We were up for most of the night and she had 3 little boys – Murphy, Koa and Azul  and 2 girls – Sadi and Scout.  The boys all live fairly close to one another in downtown Seattle and have had a few play dates. I love that all 5 families have stayed in touch and let me be a part of their lives.

Beyonce and I picked out birthday cards and something special for us to send her babies. We were able to see the boys recently at the reunion which was wonderful and hope to see the girls at the next reunion. Everyone is happy and healthy. Wishing you a happy 1st birthday, Az, Koa, Murphy, Sadi and Scout!! We love you!!!