Happy Birthday! We Have Puppies 7/25/15

25 Jul

We took Beyonce’s temperature before dinner last night and it had dropped below 100, she didn’t want to eat any dinner (she hasn’t been eating much lately) and she starting digging around the house so I thought last night might be the night but when it came time for bed I started to doubt myself because I was off last time with Shakira but I decided to sleep in the bathroom anyway and I’m so glad I did! 

We came upstairs around midnight and Beyonce could not get comfortable. We put a gate on the bathroom door so she didn’t wander too far, so with the kiddie pool and now me on the floor she didn’t have a lot of room to pace but she certainly tried. She also kept digging at the bedding and carpets. Around 4am I thought she might be getting close and I took her out for one final potty break. Around 5am she was sleeping on my feet and I felt her water break. She got up and scratched at the floor and jumped in the kiddie pool and had her first baby within about 2 minutes of getting in the pool. It is so amazing how much they do on their own. 

The first puppy came out at 5:34am and I made sure she broke the sac and the puppy was breathing before I went to wake up Andru. It took Beyonce about 12 minutes to completely chew the umbilical cord and I was starting to get nervous and googling for a refresher if I had to take over but everything worked out. This was our first black puppy and it looked kind of scary in the sac. I read somewhere that dogs prefer to keep the lights dim and I usually follow that but the black dogs looked like they had turned blue in the sac so I had to turn on all the lights to be sure everything was ok. I’m honestly still so nervous with every litter. When we got the X-rays the other day, I was sharing my fears with Dr Raja and starting crying because I was just so nervous. He said some people do this because they are passionate and some people breed dogs for business and I might be a little too passionate right now. He said “if one dog doesn’t make it then you have to think about the ones that do and focus on them”. Oh my gosh!! I can’t even imagine. I just need every puppy to make it. I’m surprised how many breeders I see posting about stillborn puppies and complications; I know this is always a possibility but I really do believe that with a record of 21-0 that the diet we feed our dogs has got to be the secret to my success. 

So it took about 3 hours and we now have seven adorable puppies upstairs in our master bath! Two girls and five boys. Beyonce did fantastic and all of the puppies are doing great. I try not to hold them too much in the beginning and I don’t weigh them or put collars on until day 2 so I’ll update with weights soon. We have 4 black puppies and 3 that are kinda of cream/apricot – we’ll see how they develop. I will post many pics along the way! We are so excited! Oh and we have 3 available puppies 😃🐶