Himalayan Dog Chews

12 Sep

Look what arrived yesterday! Treats for my baby girls and puppies. I wanted to share a product that I buy (this has NOT been gifted to me for free in exchange for reviewing) and love! All of my girls are minis (goldendoodle and two labradoodles) and sometimes it is hard to find a natural product that fits a small mouth. These come in different sizes so if you have a big dog or small you’ll be able to get these too!

You might have seen this product on the TV show “Shark Tank” but we were already buying before we saw that, although I do love that show! If you have never heard of this product please check out their site and consider buying for your pup. This is a local Seattle company (Mukilteo to be exact) and it is a natural product – the ingredients in the dog chews are yak and cow milk, salt and lime…and that is it! 

I buy in bulk for my girls and for the puppies while they are here but I purchase the regular, commercially packaged product for my puppies to take home so their families know what to look for when they are at Mud Bay and other retailers (the people at Mud Bay have been kind enough to give me $off coupons for my new puppy families, thank you!)

They will chew on these sticks for hours which is fantastic for teething puppies! Here is a bit more information taken from the literature they included in my order

In addition to the sticks (referred to as “dog chew”) I also purchase the yaky puff which is just bite size pieces of the stick microwaved for about a minute. Same taste as the stick and still crunchy but my girls can enjoy this as a bite size treat without as much effort which is a good starter if your dog loses interest in the sticks. My puppies LOVE these! 

You can buy the nuggets and microwave yourself or boil to soften and add them in food if you have a picky eater

Or you can purchase your puffs already puffed