Improper Coat (IC) and A New Stud

05 Jan

I’ve been doing this for over a year now and I really do have so much more to learn. Shakira is the first dog I purchased, a mini F1b labradoodle from FoxTail Ridge Labradoodles (I own the site now so if you search for him you’ll get back here but you can get some nice comments still in a google search). My breeder, Thom had planned on retiring and after some discussion he said he would be available to give me advice from time to time and that has been fantastic but things change every year and Thom has been retired for a few years now. Whenever I asked other breeders question or posted in breeder forums or FB pages the response was rarely an answer to my question but the demand to ‘GET YOUR HEALTH TESTING’! So I followed that advice and just focused on the health testing of my dogs and am proud to share links on my site to their OFA test results. I never thought about testing what color the girls might carry because I think all colors are cute so I didn’t really care about coat testing. Shakira’s first litter with Gizmo resulted in 4 puppies and 2 are fluffy, 1 looks very similar to Shakira (semi-fluffy) and 1 has a very straight coat. I thought this was just the retriever genes coming out. I used the same beautiful stud Gizmo with Beyonce and for her first litter she had 5 puppies and 4 are fluffy and 1 is straight. Since this happened with both dogs I assumed the problem was with Gizmo (the stud I used) but you can’t tell if the puppy’s coat is going to curl for several weeks and by then Shakira was already in heat so we used Gizmo a third and last time. Shakira’s second litter had one puppy with a straight coat so that confirmed for me it was Gizmo. Side note – isn’t that just like a mom, it couldn’t possibly be something wrong MY girls, right? Haha.

By the time Beyonce was ready for her second litter Teddy was old enough for breeding and he had passed his health testing and is a gorgeous boy with a great temperament so we got them together and she had 7 puppies this time. As the weeks went on it was obvious that they weren’t all going to be fluffy; I learned the term is called improper coat and there is a test for it. All of my puppies have been healthy and every family that has a straight coat, also called “flat” coat, or improper coat is the correct term, they are all happy with their dog and wouldn’t change a thing but I prefer the look of fluffy curls. Shakira and Teddy also had a litter of six girls together and two had straight coats. It was time that I ordered the test and get some answers.

I purchased the test from Paw Print Genetics which also gives you access to a reproductive specialist to discuss the results and ask all the questions on my mind. After getting everyone tested I found that Beyonce and Shakira both carry a one copy of the IC (improper coat) gene and JLo is “clear”, she does not carry for IC and she will always have fluffy puppies. So the issues wasn’t JUST my studs, both parents have to carry one copy of the gene which will result in at least 25% showing the improper coat. For breeders that may have found this post in a google search, I’m happy to share more information that might be too detailed for someone just shopping for a puppy. You can email or text me and I’m happy to share what I found.

So it was exciting to learn something new and so useful and at the same time devastating that 2 of my 3 girls carried and so does Teddy. Just to be clear, this is not a health issue – puppies are still healthy even if they have an improper coat it just changes the look of the dog. It is very rare for a poodle to carry this gene but when they do, it is typically the reds that have it. So I ordered the test for Jay Z in November and hoped for the best but unfortunately on December 18th his test came back that he also carried one copy of the IC gene which means if I use him with Beyonce or Shakira we will have at least one straight coat puppy.

I spent my entire Christmas holiday with my computer or iPad on my lap frantically searching for a new stud. It was difficult to find a dog that had the health testing I wanted, was IC clear AND was small enough for 19 pound Beyonce. This is definitely another time I have to recognize my husband Andru for being so patient with me when all I wanted to look at or talk about was stud dogs for two weeks. I found what I feel like is the PERFECT match so I am proud to announce a new stud – his bio is here!