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JLo/Koa Puppies Are 4 Days Old

We started taking JLo’s temperature on Tuesday of last week to get an idea of when she would go in to labor. On Tuesday she was 99.9 which is on the low end of normal however Wednesday night she was 98.6 which had me concerned because a drop to 98 usually means labor within 24 hours.

We got the girls in bed and had just settled in ourselves and JLo started crying and I just knew it was time for puppies; I packed up to spend the night in the bathroom. This was day 57 so I was a little concerned but everything turned out fine. I got plenty of snaps of the puppies being born and since snapchat only lasts for 24 hours I moved those over to my YouTube channel. Here is the link to view

Puppies are all doing great and steadily gaining weight. I got some pics today when I was weighing them and wanted to share.

Ladies first – here is the purple collar girl:

Next is the red collar girl:

The other 4 puppies are boys. The black collar is the smallest at just 7 ounces:

And the largest is the blue collar, he’s 10 ounces:

Here is the green collar boy:

And finally the yellow collar boy (I know I don’t have his collar on). He is the lightest color pup and it looks like he’ll develop to be on the border of a very light apricot to a darker cream