Please Consider ALL Costs Involved

05 Feb

Last night, when I said I was exhausted and had to go to bed early, I was really upstairs scrolling through Facebook (don’t we all do that?!) and came across this post in my community. I do not know the person and did not comment (honestly I was too angry) but I thought this would be a great example to share with potential families. 

I sometimes receive emails asking for discounts or even a free dog and I while I appreciate someone that is smart with their money and wants to get the best price possible, I always respond that the upfront cost is just the beginning. Please consider the cost of vet visits for vaccines, food, toys (they destroy a LOT of toys), leash, collar/harness, a new collar/harness as they grow, a new crate as they grow, replacing base boards/shoes/books whatever it might be the puppy got to when not supervised, possible emergency vet visits if puppy ingests the gum from your purse or the stuffing from a toy, etc and finally a dog sitter for occasions you want a break to go to a party for several hours or are headed to Disneyland with your family for 11 days. 

It is February in Washington state which means rain and cold. This person thinks $25 a day for a puppy is “silly” and her suggestion is finding someone that will allow the dog to hang out in their yard for 11 days, maybe even 12 if she has early or late flights. I’m disgusted by this person and I’d like nothing more than to leave her in my backyard for 11 days. I’ll leave her fresh water and a (faux) fur coat I got a Goodwill’s glitter sale a few years ago so she can stay warm.

I shared because I want you to keep in mind the costs when looking at adorable puppy pictures because sweet, fluffy puppies tend to be very distracting when it is time to make decisions. As always – contact me any time with questions!