Guardian Families Wanted

25 May

I posted on Instagram that I’m looking for guardian homes and have been getting enough messages I thought I’d put together a blog post for more information.

I’m currently looking for a guardian family for a male, mini goldendoodle 19 pounds born December 2016. He is used to living in a busy home with 8 children, sleeping inside mostly in beds with humans but sometimes on the floor too. He is a cuddler. He is potty trained and knows some basic commands. He is a proven stud that no longer fits in this breeders program so I have been fortunate enough to add him to mine. I cannot keep boys and girls together in the same house.

A guardian family is like a foster family that welcomes the dog in their home and provides love and care and eventually adopts the dog at the end of the guardian contract. I would prefer they have experience with dogs and if they have a dog it is mature and spayed/neutered.

For my male dogs I am looking for a five year commitment. This means I have the option to use the male for breeding for up to five years. At the end of that time I will pay to have him neutered and he will officially be retired and adopted by the guardian family.

At the end of the agreement the dog will be free and I expect the guardian family to make some additional money as well however in the beginning of the agreement I do collect a deposit equal to the price of the dog which I return to you each time I use the dog for breeding. For females, my contract states she will have a maximum of 3 litters within four years, whichever comes first. Females are pregnant for only about 60 days and she will be with her guardians for most of her pregnancy and come to our house at the end and then she stays with us until puppies are 6 weeks old.

For the male dog, breeding is much easier. Of course. I need a family that lives within 20 miles of me and will return emails/texts/phone calls same day because breeding is very time sensitive. When the girl is ovulating I pick her up and bring her to the male. No transportation for the male’s family, we come to you and do best in a small space like your bathroom. It takes about 20 minutes. We do this 2-3 times within the week. I return your deposit back in smaller portions than females but can obviously use the male much more and he never has to stay at our house so no time away from pup.

Any vet costs that are related to breeding are mine to pay and I pick up the dog from the guardians home for those appointments and bring him/her back so it is minimal inconvenience to the family. Regular vet care such as vaccines are the guardian families to cover.

If this interests you please call/text/email with questions and let’s get the conversation started.