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Can’t Get Enough Puppy Pictures!

26 Aug

I have purchased 5 dogs now (Shakira, Beyoncé, Teddy, JLo and Jay Z) and one of the things that I noticed consistently with every breeder was the lack of pictures that I was sent as my puppy was developing. I have an Instagram account and I try to share a different picture on my Facebook account than what I already shared on Instagram (just in case you follow both) but I feel that if you are one of my families and this is your baby you want to see as many updates as I’m willing to send. Am I right? 😜 I know this is how I felt with my babies! I might have received 2 pictures a week which I was grateful for but I always wished for more. A video is a rare treat and gave me an even better glimpse at my puppy’s lifestyle and behavior. I wanted to do something more for more families, knowing how special new pictures and video were for me to receive.

I have to give credit to my tech expert husband Andru for helping me figure this out but what I do is create a folder of iCloud photo sharing for each litter. This means that families will see 300+ pictures by the time puppies go home! You can see I also can take a picture of vet receipts as well so families can see when puppies are going in for shots, deworming and checkups (these receipts are also in their puppy packet at time of pick up). I think this is a great way to not overshare on social media but give new families a photo history of their puppy they can look back on because honestly this time goes so fast!

Our newest litter is 4 1/2 weeks old and we’ve already shared 148 pictures and 25 videos! ❤️🐶