Previous Litters

Hello! If you have landed here you are searching for pics of my puppies as they get older. I apologize, but I have been busy with puppies so I haven’t been as good as I had planned on updating this page however please take a look at Instagram and you will find a lot more pictures of our dogs as well as puppies from our previous litters. I have been fortunate to be able to continue this little business with my original plan of keeping my puppies local so I can maintain a relationship with my families and that means getting pics as these little cuties grow. Remember your groomer can make a HUGE difference in the appearance of your doodle. I have a blog post with a pdf to take to your groomer to keep that teddy bear look. Also, since these dogs don’t shed a lot (please don’t believe the “non shedding” hype, all dogs shed) if they aren’t brushed then the hair it gets trapped in their curly, fluffy coats and causes mats. Humans, think of the amount of hair you see every time you shower – either in the drain or when you blow dry or just brush out your hair. This doesn’t mean as you are going about your day your hair is falling out all over the place at an embarrassing rate but not every follicle is going to hold every strand of hair for a lifetime. This is natural and it is similar with a doodle. You shouldn’t see a lot of hairs on your clothes or your couch but the do need to be brushed out to let those naturally shedding hairs be freed from the coat. They need to be brushed a few times a week, the cadence varies with each dog, the biggest factor for determining the grooming is how curly the coat is and how long you like to keep it (the curlier the more work because it gets trapped/matted a lot easier).

Here are some of our pups from previous litters:

Parents: Shakira and Gizmo                                              Birth Date: 8/18/14

Parents: Beyonce and Gizmo                                             Birth date: 12/14/14

Parents: Shakira and Gizmo                                              Birth Date: 3/15/15