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We are in Bothell - about 20 miles from downtown Seattle!

Happy Owners

We absolutely love our mini goldendoodle! Here’s a little praise for PupsbyTaylor: When we took Sadi into the vet with all her records provided us by Taylor the vet could not believe it… & I quote:”We never see this. You found a great breeder. I am going to give her name out to anyone looking for a puppy.” I already knew this of course but it was encouraging to hear the confirmation. So much more I could say but I’d just be echoing the other positive words already posted. Thanks Taylor for our sweet Sadi!

We have the cutest and sweetest little guy, our mini double doodle Bentley, that we got from Taylor Pups.  I know that his personality is so wonderful because of the way Taylor brings up her pups.  The socialization, the acclimation to strange noises and things that Taylor introduces to her puppies made for a very functional little dog.  And we also loved that he was litter box trained as we live in a three story town house.  Bringing him home and our first night with Bentley was a piece of cake.  Bentley slept right beside the bed with his little stuffed toy and did not cry all night.  He needed to get up only once.  I have no reservations about a pup from Taylor Pups.


PS  In your written material that you send home, when you are talking about transitioning from the litter boxes to outside you might suggest that they don’t wait too long because I think the only down side to the litter boxes is that they go when they want and don’t learn to hold it.  After a short period of some problems with Bentley where I kept him close to me and took him out every few hours and then longer and longer, he is now totally house broken and uses a bell to let me know if he wants out.

We just got our sweet mini double doodle from Taylor & it has been the best experience! This was my husband & I’s first time buying a puppy so I did a lot of research, and came across Pups by Taylor. I read a bunch of blog posts and looked through her last litters. I was pretty sold after just reading about her & her experience with breeding. Our first night, which is said to be the worst, our little Zeppelin slept through the whole night in his crate. Taylor set us up to give our puppy the healthiest lifestyle & she is so helpful. I’ve probably asked her 1828484 questions & she answers them all! We are so happy with our furbaby & so thankful for Taylor

Eyes Are Open Dec 27

30 Dec

Beyonce had a litter of mini Australian Goldendoodles on December 14th in our home in Bothell, which is near Seattle. Blue was the first puppy to open his eyes on Saturday morning December 27th and they all slowly followed during the day. They are starting to scoot themselves around their kiddie pool looking for mom – things are going to get a little more hectic and a lot more fun very soon! Please let me know if you want to come visit in January, I would love for you to cuddle puppies and get them used to visitors.

Beyonce’s 2014 Mini Australian Goldendoodle Litter: One Week Old

Here’s a quick update on the five miniature Australian goldendoodle puppies Beyoncé and Gizmo had on December 14th! We have three boys and two girls, and below you’ll find pictures of them when they turned one week old. We’re looking forward to their eyes opening up soon! Find out more about their specific features on our […]

Doodles Visit Santa Claus in Seattle!

20 Dec


We took the girls to see Santa yesterday! It was challenging to get everyone still and looking in the direction of the camera but it was fun.

JLo is in his left hand; she was 14 weeks yesterday and barely fit in her size small Santa suit. Apple is in his right hand. Beyonce and Shakira are sitting  on the ground. I never thought I’d be bringing the dogs to sit on Santa’s lap but I love this picture and I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time!

First Weigh-In

17 Dec

We don’t usually weigh puppies for the first 24 hours because there is so much to adjust to so here are their weights on day 2:

  • Purple Girl: 8.6 ounces
  • Red Girl: 8.5 ounces
  • Blue Boy: 9.5 ounces
  • Orange Boy: 9.5 ounces
  • Green Boy: 9.0 ounces


I know you can’t see most of their faces but I will post a lot of pictures as times goes on! Right now they are doing a lot of sleeping. You can also check us out on instagram – search for PupsByTaylor

We have puppies!

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Last night we could see Beyonce was having contractions and we took her temperature and it was down to 98.9 so we were most likely going to have a puppies come in the middle of the night. I tried to nap during the day and we got her bed set up in the bathroom as […]

Final Days of Pregnancy for Beyonce

11 Dec

a2I hope that by this time next week Beyonce will have her mini goldendoodle puppies! She is still a happy girl but I can tell this extra weight is getting old and it is harder for her to jump up on our bed or the couch for cuddles so I’m coming down to the floor more and more. Beyonce’s heat cycle started on Oct 10th (9 weeks ago) and her first date with Gizmo was on Oct 17th. I took her for X-rays on December 3rd and Dr Raja said he saw at least 5 puppies however since we had the appointment a little early (Dr Raja’s wife is about to have a baby and he’ll be out) he said there is a possibility of more than 5. Here are the X-rays as well as her on the couch this morning showing her belly. I think she might just be 21 pounds now which is really big considering she is normally 15. I think the side view, 1st X-ray is easier to count – look for the head and spine. How many do you see?!


Brinkley Update

10 Dec

Brinkley was one of Shakira‘s mini double doodle puppies born on August 18, 2014. Brinkley was the smallest of the litter and the only puppy with a straight coat. He was adopted by Craig and Susan who were looking for a small dog and favored the straighter coat/ lab look over the curls.

Susan sent me a message to say Brinkley is 5 lbs now, thinking he’ll be around 11 lbs. He’s a dream. He sleeps all night, goes to the door and barks when he needs to go out, is learning to sit. He still doesn’t like to go for walks, just sits and look cute.

She also attached this adorable pic of Brinkley under their tree. So happy to see everyone is happy and we found a good fit!