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Happy Birthday to Shakira’s March 2015 Puppies

15 Mar

Happy 1st Birthday to Bentley, Marley, Nutmeg, Olivia and Tuku!

I can’t believe a year has already gone by! Current weights are

  • Bentley: 12 pounds
  • Marley: 17 pounds
  • Nutmeg: 15 pounds
  • Olivia 14 1/2 pounds

Everyone is doing well and I’m still in contact with all families. First two pictures are Marley and the last is Nutmeg ❤️



Therapy Dogs at SeaTac Airport

11 Mar

Paws 4 Passengers - 2015 Team Photo

After we traveled to Sacramento last month and were greeted by the Boarding Area Relaxation Corp (BARC) team I knew I wanted to be involved in getting this to Seattle. I received a response today the manager of airport customer service at SeaTac and found out they already have a Therapy Dog Program at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. I was SO EXCITED to get this response:

During my search I connected with Debbie Harvey; Debbie is the person responsible for getting the program going in Reno as well as a few other airports. If you are in another state and somehow found my site, please contact me and I’ll get you in touch with Debbie. She is AMAZING. She is a retired pilot with flight priveldges and said she can travel anywhere to help, even if it is just to provide some support to get the program going. She is so dedicated to this program and she spent over an hour talking to me on the phone and gave me a lot of great advice. Debbie had already suggested that I contact Pet Partners for registration. Unfortunately I found out that one of the requirements of Pet Partners is that the dogs cannot have a raw food diet. I feel a little bit heartbroken over this because I really REALLY wanted to be involved in the program. I really have a strong belief in feeding raw and I’m not willing to change that. But if you are interested at all in this program, in reducing stress in travelers and making people feel GOOD then please let me know.

In addition to Seattle, here is a list of US airports with therapy dog programs:

Albany, NY
Albuquerque, NM
Augusta, GA
Buffalo, NY
Columbia, S. C.
Denver, CO
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Grand Rapids, MC
Memphis, TN
Miami, FL
Minn. St. Paul, MN
Norfork, VA
Oklahoma City OK
Ontario, CA
Sacramento, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Jose, CA
Tampa, FL
Willmington, N. C.

There is also 3 Canadian airports that have the program also:

Edmonton, Canada
Regina, Canada
Saskatoon, Canada

I was also given a list with 10 airports that are in the planning stages of the program and I’m not totally sure if that was information I’m allowed to share so for now I’ll just say it could be coming to your area soon!

Debbie told me the program started in 2001 in San Jose, CA (SJC) by airport Chaplain Kathryn Liebschutz and her dog, Dolly the Dalmation. Liebschutz was a member of the airport’s Interfaith Chaplaincy and on the morning of September 11st all chaplains were summoned to the San Jose airport to help passengers stranded by grounded planes or console those just arriving who might have just heard of the attacks. On September 13th, commercial flights resumed but stress levels were high. I did not get to speak to Chaplain Liebschutz however the story that Debbie explained to me was that Dolly the Dalmation was already registered as a therapy dog so Chaplain Liebschutz brought Dolly with her to the airport to comfort stressed travelers and that is where the program began.

I know when I saw 3 dogs with signs that said PET ME it felt better than someone telling me to come over their way for some free money because you know there is always a catch – there was no catch with these dogs just a lot of love. You will have to donate a good amount of your time to get your dog ready for this program but what an amazing program!!!


*Photo from Debbie Harvey of her 2015 team.

Coming Soon – Beyonce/Chewy Puppies!

05 Mar

We are expecting puppies any day now! Beyonce is due in 2 days and we have confirmed 3, possibly 4 puppies via X-ray. We had 7 families with deposits which means a few families will be moving to the Shakira/Armani litter and with the deposits we already had that litter is also fully reserved. This means if you have been checking out our website and interested in a puppy the soonest we would have an available puppy would be from JLo and Koa, due early July and going home late August.  Shakira will retire after this litter and Beyonce will have just one more and also retire.

WHAT IS NEXT?? I am really excited about JLo and Koa puppies and we’ll have litters in 2016-2018. I’ve said before I would like to get my retired girls certified to visit retirement homes and Andru and I recently flew to Sacramento and discovered that they have therapy dogs at the airport to provide comfort to nervous and/or stressed travelers. Since I don’t enjoy flying I LOVED this idea and have been working to get this program going at SeaTac. This is definitely a time consuming marathon and not a sprint but it will be so rewarding once we see the program come to life in Seattle!

If you have been looking but afraid to make a move please keep in mind deposits are REFUNDABLE if your plans change.

UPDATE: This litter has gone home but pics can be seen here and we are taking deposits for a repeat breeding with these two, puppies will go home in December 2016

We Have A Puppy Available

28 Feb

 UPDATE: Ella has found her forever family! She will be living on a houseboat very soon so it worked out perfectly that she was still using the litter box indoors. Ella will also have an 11 year old (human) sister to help her burn off some of her puppy energy. 

Darwin’s Raw Dog Food

26 Feb

Our Darwin’s raw dog food delivery service started today! Confession – we are actually NOT brand new customers however we haven’t ordered in years so they said we qualify for the new customer promotion. We originally found Darwin’s about 5 years ago when a representative was a local street fair in Mill Creek (down the street) and we ended up ordering from them for a few years. I broke up Darwin’s after I found the co-op, WAzzuOR which I still love and order from but I’ve been looking for something easier for my families to order from since the co-op buys in bulk and you have to go to a set location at a set time to pick which isn’t always convenient for people since times have ranged from noon to 7pm and every day of the week, there is not a consistent schedule. For Bothell members, the pick up spot is someone’s home in Snohomish (the country – rural area) so if/when I forget the product sits outside of her garage but for other locations the pick up is a public place like the parking lot at Southcenter Mall so there is no room at all to be late because they can’t leave your food. Works great for me but might not for you and this is something I want to be easy peasy because I’m hoping you’ll continue to feed raw. 

Darwin’s has an AWESOME deal for new customers and that is what we received today. For only $14.95 you can get 10 pounds of food! I took some pictures of our delivery today. 


You can try each item and see if your dog likes and then makes changes before your next order (for example Beyonce won’t eat turkey so I don’t order it) or you can cancel the service and never order again. I think Darwin’s is a little higher price but you are under no obligation to continue to use their service after the initial offer however if you do continue, you can set the cadence on how often you want food delivered. For example, we are going to receive food once per quarter because I want to feed the puppies Darwin’s because I’ll be sending them home with this food. I LOVE the small, super convenient 2 pound packaging!! I’ve been sending families home with a huge plastic bag with 5 pounds of frozen beef for a puppy that is usually only 4-5 pounds which means they have to defrost the meat and move to smaller containers and re-freeze; this way is so much more convenient! For Shakira, Beyonce and JLo they eat a lot during pregnancy and nursing so I’m going to continue getting their food from the co-op and I love that Darwin’s gives me the freedom to do this! I already called to make some adjustments to my regular order (adding tripe) and their customer service is fantastic! The rep I spoke to even recommended a great park to walk the dogs close to my home. So sweet! 

I’m going to strongly suggest Darwin’s to all of my families – at least give the 10 pound starter offer a try. I do not have a promo code but in the comments please add PupsByTaylor referral and feel free to send me any feedback on the product or experience!