Puppy Care & Training

Puppies who begin training from a young age go home happy and ready to learn. It’s common knowledge that issues that dog owners experience normally results from a lack or training and excess freedom in the home. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are smart, curious, and kind dogs that are excited to be your companion. They appreciate training and playing. Please remember they do not speak our language yet so if they are not in a sitting position and you keep repeating “sit” they don’t know what you are asking. Dogs need constant praise and the affirmation that they have completed the requested task, so for example when potty training wait until they have started the act to tell them to go potty (or whatever command you want to use) and then immediately after finishing follow up with telling them “good potty”. This same thinking applies to sit, stay, down, whatever you are asking the dog to do. They need to associate the word with the action and then be praised for completing the requested action: good sit, good stay, good down, etc. Don’t wait to start training – a puppy is eager to learn and really enjoys this time; the first ten weeks of their lives is when they absorb the most. We used Anna Bolick from Paws With No Flaws to come in to our home and train us and help us train our dogs. If you are looking for something easier on the budget, I would also suggest watching YouTube videos or getting a book from the library but PLEASE do not skip training your puppy!

At Pups By Taylor, we begin working with our puppies at three days old, beginning with bio sensory training. We start basic crate, leash, and potty training. We do not ever use the crate as punishment – it needs to stay a safe place where the dogs wants to go. I think everyone, myself included, has a moment or two with a puppy where you just want a break! I have created a Facebook group for my families to connect, share pictures or stories and my hope is (if your location is close enough) to get you to dog sit for each other when convenient. Your puppy would love staying with a sibling and you might be able to work out some trades to save on costs but give humans a break a puppies a play date. 


By the way – I have tried a lot of training treats and I am currently loving Life Essentials by Cat-Man-Doo Wild Alaskan Salmon. These are just small cubes of freeze dried salmon – no other ingredients. The scent is strong but not offensive and it is a favorite around here