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Beyonce’s 2015 Double Doodles Are Two Weeks Old

08 Aug

If you are new to my site, Beyonce is our 18 pound mini Australian goldendoodle and Teddy is a 22 pound mini labradoodle and they had 7 mini double doodles on July 25th. The puppies are two weeks old today and their eyes are just starting to open. I think by tomorrow night most of them will begin to get a look at their surroundings. We have 3 deposits which means 4 puppies are still available.

The first two weeks with puppies are the easiest for me; the mom feeds them 100% and prepare yourself…this is gross…..still reading? Ok here goes….. The mom also licks the puppies to get them to go potty and (sorry but this is life) she eats it so there is very little clean up for us to do. For this particular litter Beyonce continued to do a lot of digging after birth, which is a completely natural instinct however with our previous 3 litters the digging stopped after puppies arrived. I decided to not put down sheets and towels down until last night because I was concerned that Beyonce would get a puppy caught up in the bedding with her digging and possibly harm one of the babies. I had a heater running so the puppies stayed toasty warm at all times. It was funny that during the very warm 90 degree days, the AC was running in the house for us but the vent in the bathroom was closed and I had the heat going for puppies. The digging has stopped and I have added a sheet to the bed along with a whelping pad which is made to absorb moisture and keeps it from the surface so everything appears more cozy but I promise puppies have always been very comfortable.

This week puppies will scoot themselves around and slowly begin to learn to use their legs and start walking. This will be their last week in the pool. I will add some litter in to pool to introduce them to the scent and by next weekend they will move downstairs and start litter box training. Exciting things are coming!

I have to travel to Mexico City for business tomorrow and although I am so grateful for the opportunity I honestly hate leaving these babies. I had to travel when Shakira’s puppies were 1 week old and I cried all the way to the airport. My husband Andru works from home and will take care of everyone so I know they are in capable hands and will have very little change in the daily routines. These babies are going to be just fine! But of course I will miss them a lot.

If you do not already follow on Instagram search for pupsbytaylor and I’ll be sharing more pics than I have here in the blog. Thanks for following and for your interest in our family! ❤️🐶 More updates to come…

Beyonce’s 2015 X-rays

24 Jul

We are expecting Beyonce and Teddy’s mini double doodle puppies any day now! Today is day 58 and her temperature has dropped to 99 degrees. I took her in to Dr Raja yesterday for X-rays and he thinks she will have 6, possibly 7 puppies. She weighs 24 pounds which is the heaviest mom we’ve had to date. Take a look – how many puppies do you see?

Tonight I’ll start sleeping on the bathroom floor with her. I got the kiddie pool out last night. Exciting things are happening in the Edwards house!! 🎉💝😃

I have received 4 deposits for this litter. Puppy selection is made in the order deposits were received and will be done at 6 weeks old. Thanks!