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Beyoncé’s December 2014 Puppies Half Birthday

18 Jun

This Sunday, June 18th was the “half birthday” for Beyoncé’s puppies born December 18, 2014 so I wanted to give an update with some weights and pics. Puppies are all happy and healthy. I’m thrilled that everyone has stayed in touch and allowed me to be a part of their lives…

Koa is now 12.4 pounds. Here he is celebrating his half birthday with mom, Monica. Love these pics!

Koa2 Koa

Scout is 10.5 pounds. Scout’s mom Kammie sent this adorable picture after the girls dressed her up. Kammie says “she likes the dress and HATES the socks & bows 🙂 She also shared this pic from the lake and shared that “Scout likes the water and swam back to shore when john put her in a few feet out – she’ll be swimming by the end of summer I bet!!”

IMG_3006.JPG IMG_3007.JPG

Sadi is 9.7 pounds. She was just spayed about 2 weeks ago and mom Lori sent me a picture of her resting after the surgery in her crate and then a few days later a picture of her up and about, she had a full recovery and is doing great!

IMG_3010.PNG IMG_3008.JPG

Azul is 12 pounds. Mom Tara says she thinks he might have been 13 before his first haircut – he was very fluffy! She said “we wanted it short short. Looks very poodle but he actually really loves it and is very proud and happy so that’s fine for us”. I think he looks adorable! Kind of reminds me of JLo but maybe because she has a short cut right now.

IMG_3009.JPG Azul2

Murphy is almost 10 pounds! Mom Amanda says he is growing up so fast! I didn’t get a 6 month pic of Murphy however I will post pictures taken at the reunion in the next week.

Beginning Crate Training – January 2015

15 Jan

Beyonce’s mini Australian goldendoodles are now four and a half weeks old so it is time to introduce the puppies to their crate. I changed their bedding this afternoon after a messy lunch of Honest Kitchen mixed with a juice made from chicken organs (sound delicious?) and added in one of their crates. I take the door off so puppies can easily go in and out and get comfortable playing and sleeping in the crate. By the time these puppies go home in 23 days (time is flying!!!) they will feel like this is a comfortable, safe place.

Our girls all still sleep in a crate. I think it is a great way to potty train, a comfortable place for them to sleep at night, and a safe way for them to travel in the car. I would love to have them all in my bed but there just isn’t enough room and somehow they always end up between my legs or in a position that I feel like I can’t possibly wake them up to roll over so I don’t get a good nights sleep. I’m proud that we start training early and I think owners will appreciate it!

Here is a pic of the new setup:

Bcrate Bcrate1