Opportunity For Guardian Families – Female Dogs

18 Oct

So here is some background first – I have 3 girls in my house full time. In addition to everything else I have going on, I spend time working on training each of my dogs to sit, stay, down, leave it, walk off leash, etc. There are only so many hours in the day and when I want to spend time working with each girl individually and take her out to the Mill Creek Town Center to be around other people, it can end up taking me several hours for just my 3 girls here full time and if you did not know I also have a full time job (working from home but it is FT).

I also can’t have more than 3 dogs here full time AND have my Mommies come back here to have puppies, it just gets to be too crazy and that isn’t good for anyone. The way to work around this issue is a guardian program.

Being a guardian is a great opportunity to get one of my dogs that, at the end of the contract, is a free dog and additionally puts some extra money in your pocket. I’m looking for a family or two… ok maybe even 3 families that live close to 98296. I need to be able to get to my dogs from my house in 20-30 mins max, even if there is traffic so Seattle and West Seattle are too far. Bothell, Everett, Kirkland, Bellevue, Snohomish, Monroe, Lynnwood and Woodinville would be great. This is a 4-5 year commitment and you do pay a deposit equal to the price of a dog however you receive your deposit back when our agreement ends. By the end of the contract your money is refunded and you will have made some money as well. She will come back to our house to have 4 litters and then “retire” which means she is spayed and then “my dog” becomes 100% your dog. She should retire around 4 years old so you will still plenty of years with her as your family pet. Our breeding dogs are all fully health tested and I pay for all of the costs associated with breeding. Routine care is your responsibility.

For 4 litters the dog will be staying with us for about 7 weeks. I have found that a lot of initial reactions are that this would be too long to go without their dog however my experience has shown my guardian families usually take this time to vacation or get a little break from having to rush home to take care of the dog and they go to more movies after work or more social events and actually find the time that they aren’t providing the care and training allows them to care for themselves and kind of “recharges their batteries.” When they want a puppy fix they can come over and hang out in my puppy room for as long as they want.

I do have a contract and my dogs are required to eat a raw food diet. This mean no kibble and no exceptions. No dog parks and I do expect my families to spend time training the dog just as I would my pet owners – come when they are called, sit, stay, down, leave it are some basics. If you have the time to do even more training that is wonderful. These are very smart dogs and they really enjoy training.

Please contact me if you think you could be a good fit! I have opportunities for girls that are over 1 year old and for a family willing to take an 8 week old puppy. Again, must be close to 98296