Available Puppies

We have puppies at our house now but all are reserved. Rihanna had a litter of four micro mini girls on September 2nd. You can see these puppies on our NEWBORN PUPPY CAM

Adele had a litter of five minis on August 6th and they can be seen on this PUPPY CAM however these puppies are reserved.

You can contact me now for more information on getting on our wait list for a future litter later this year. Please be aware that everyone on our wait list has had the opportunity to get a puppy and they have deferred.

Here is our estimated MICRO mini puppy schedule. On average we have had 5 puppies per litter:

Fergie   December 2018 Litter # 3
Rihanna  May 2019 Litter #2
Fergie   July 2019 Litter #4 (final litter)
Rihanna   January 2020 Litter #3 (final litter)

My MINI mommies are Mariah, Adele and Lady Gaga they will have their first litters in the fall/early winter of 2018 and I expect them to have 7-9 puppies in each litter.

Mariah November 2018 (first litter)
Blue Ivy Approx Winter 2018 (first litter)
Lady Gaga Approx Winter 2018 (first litter)

I reserve the right to hold back a puppy from any litter so my name is listed on the waitlist. Selections are done in the order deposits are received. I will check with my deposit list when puppies are born to see if the timing of the current litter will work or if they want to defer to a later litter. When puppies are 6 weeks old I schedule appointments over the weekend for families to visit and select which puppy will join their family at 8 weeks old. Here is the waitlist as of 9/22/18:

Name Deposit Date Notes
1 Pups By Taylor
2 Erick & Hollie 2/13/17 Deferred 3 times
3 Jennifer C 4/28/17 Deferred 3 times
4 Mitch & Wendy 5/11/17 Deferred 3 times
5 Amanda & Marcus 6/10/17 Deferred 3 times
6 Jan L 6/18/17 Deferred 3 times
7 Chad & Rian R 10/30/17 Deferred twice
8 Rick & Ashley S 1/9/18 Deferred twice
9 Rachael P 2/7/18 Deferred twice
10 Josh & Annie E 4/10/18 Deferred twice
11 Mike G 7/17/18 Deferred twice
12 Kevin S 8/15/18 Deferred September 2018
13 Casey & Tracey 8/30/18 Deferred September 2018
14 Vanessa K 9/10/18
15 Thad & Rachel 9/22/18
16 Ari & Niki 9/22/18b