Available Puppies

Eight puppies arrived Saturday, October 12th and I have a few openings in this litter. Parents are Blue Ivy and Prince. I expect these puppies to be in the range of 15-25 pounds, with the average weight being 20 pounds. I am only taking deposits for this litter right now

2020 – Our first expected 2020 litter of minis is Adele/Gambino in mid-January with puppies leaving 8 weeks later in March 2020. I will begin taking deposits for this litter in December 2019

After Adele is another Mariah litter expect in mid April with puppies leaving 8 weeks later in approximately mid June. Mariah is my only dog that can have black or brown puppies. I will begin taking deposits for this litter in March 2020

Here is my waitlist for MINIS:

Waitlist for MINIDeposit Date
1Pups By Taylor
3Rick & Maralee8/15/19
4Aman & Lekha8/28/19
5Suzette M10/12/19

My next Rihanna litter (she is the smaller size) will be in late 2019, early 2020. I am not taking any more Rihanna deposits at this time. She has had 4 in each litter and I have taken 5 deposits:

Waitlist for Rihanna
Deposit Date
1Pups By Taylor
2Leonard & Wing5/19/19
3Priscila G6/12/19
4Antwane & Katrina6/14/19
5Erik & Erin6/29/19

You can contact me for more information on getting a deposit in for a Blue Ivy / Prince puppy.

Please be sure to check our pricing as it has been updated and I have added a promotion to receive up to $300!