Available Puppies

2023 Puppies:

I do not have any puppies at this time. I had 2 litters this year – Jewel and Ciara had puppies in early March and all 14 of those pups have been placed in their forever homes. I typically have 4-5 litters per year but 2023 will be a slower year for me.

Sia cycled late April and I skipped breeding her. I’m sorry, I know her puppies are ADORABLE but I need a break after having 14 puppies here.

If you are ready for a late 2023 puppy please complete an application so we can connect and discuss. I never know when a girl is going to cycle so there is a chance I might not have puppies until 2024 – complete the application so we can connect.

If you are interested in a young adult, fully trained, sleeping in a crate with no potty accidents please complete the application and let me know you’d like to discuss an adult dog. Price is the same as a puppy.