Available Puppies

We have puppies here and the puppy cam is on again! I am currently working on contacting our waitlist but if I have an available puppy I will know by June 16th and these puppies can go home June 30th

Here is our estimated 2018 MICRO mini puppy schedule. On average we have had 5 puppies per litter:

Rihanna  July 2018  (litter #1)
Fergie  December 2018 (litter #3)

My MINI mommies are Mariah, Adele and Lady Gaga and they will have their first litters in the fall/early winter of 2018 and I expect them to have 7-9 puppies in each litter.

Mariah Fall 2018 (first litter)
Adele Approx Fall 2018 (first litter)
Lady Gaga Approx Winter 2018 (first litter)

I reserve the right to hold back a puppy from any litter. Selections are done in the order deposits are received. I will check with my deposit list when puppies are born to see if the timing of the current litter will work or if they want to defer to a later litter. When puppies are 6 weeks old I schedule appointments over the weekend for families to visit and select which puppy will join their family at 8 weeks old.