Available Puppies

April 14, 2021 – I’m sorry I have no available puppies at this time because I have a waitlist. Current waitlist count is 30 which includes the names of the 5 families getting our current Cardi B litter (so it is actually 25 once Cardi B’s puppies leave). I am hoping for 3 late spring litters, 1 summer litter and 3 fall litters possibly leaving close to Christmas.

2021 PROCESS – If you prefer video vs reading I explain everything below on IGTV

If you are interested in a puppy please complete an application (found under the “contact” tab). Please make sure you have taken time to check out my site, looked at my dogs, my pricing, the waitlist, you might want to look at the FAQs, About Me etc. I will contact you for a phone call and if we both agree to proceed I will send a request for $500 which includes a non refundable $150 application fee and a refundable deposit of $350. This $500 payment will be applied to your balance when paying for the puppy and if your plans change then you will be refunded $350 and I will keep $150 for the time I have spent working with you. To be transparent, my goal is to remove so many of the people that put down multiple deposits with breeders kind enough to make deposits refundable just trying to get a puppy ASAP. The point of a deposit is so breeders know they have the interest before we do a breeding, which means when puppies arrive we aren’t spending hours on the phone qualifying a new family. That is part of responsibly breeding so please be mindful and respectful of that. Again, deposit is $350 and that is refundable. Application fee is $150 and that is non refundable.

About a week after puppies arrive I am going to send one announcement email to everyone with deposits on the waitlist.  I do not send follow up messages and texts, if you do not reply I will assume you are not interested in the current litter. I do not want to talk anyone in to a puppy. If the timing isn’t right, there will be another litter in the future – stay patient.

Example timeline is…. week 1 ends and I will send an email to the entire waitlist and ask if there is interest in this litter and I will give you one week to respond to me. EVERYONE on the waitlist has the ability to express interest. I will follow the order of deposits to reserve the litter. This means if I have 5 puppies available and a waitlist of 25 people and I receive responses of interest from waitlisted names that are # 2, 4, 12, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 then I will go in deposit order which would be 2, 4, 12, 18, and 20. The others that expressed interest will continue to be on the waitlist but will obviously move up. No one will move down for deferring.

Example timeline week 5, families that are getting a puppy from the current litter at my house will be able to start visiting. I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s schedule but please keep in mind that I may not be able to schedule everyone on the weekend, weekdays are usually easier to schedule.

Example timeline week 6, the balance is due for the puppy either by personal check or Apple Pay. I hope by then each family has been able to schedule a visit to meet puppies.

Example timeline week 7, I hope each family has visited once and if scheduling allowed a second visit. I will ask everyone to email me their top 3 puppy preferences

Example timeline week 8, Puppies will go home and I will have matched puppies with families based on my time with the puppies as well as the families. I will take preferences in to consideration however I will be making the selections. This means pick up day will be the day you know which puppy is yours.

Here is the waitlist as of April 14. This includes the 5 people getting a Cardi B/The Weeknd puppy born 3/4/21 and I have notated those top 5 names. These 5 will be removed when those puppies leave in late April. My name is always at the top of the list and I have the option to hold back a female from each litter.

6Pups By Taylor
7Katie & Brenden
8Alibha S
9Isabel & Christian
10Chelsea & Vince
11Sumit & Nitika
12Jessica L
13Amanda & Joel W
14Katy R
15Hillary O
16Marissa & Pedro
17Kaylie P
18Jacqueline C
19Kim L
20Jeff & Laura T
21Susanna L
22Roxana P
23Carmen M
24Chelsea & Josh O
25Josh & Nicole
26Aaron & Jeannie
27Tammy W
28Nancy S
29Mia X
30Jeannie & Vuong