Available Puppies

My deposit list is at the bottom of this page – there is a waitlist and I expect new deposits to be waiting about a year.

The dogs that I am breeding are very small minis, some may call them “micro” mini or I’ve seen “teacup” used, this means my girls won’t have 9 puppies in a litter, it is usually 4-6. Please keep in mind Mother Nature has full control over the timing, how many in the litter and how many boys vs girls. In 2018 I hope to have four litters of these micro minis, 2 in May (Fergie and JLo) 1 in July (Rihanna) and one in December (Fergie).

In addition to our micros we will also have 2, possibly 3 litters of regular minis (not the tiny micro size so slightly bigger litters and bigger puppies) in the late fall of 2018. The litter box training and crate training that I do really makes having a puppy so much easier and less stressful that some people think it is worth the wait but I understand it may not work with your schedule.

Here is our estimated 2018 MICRO mini puppy schedule. On average we have had 5 puppies per litter:

Jlo  May 2018 (final litter) RESERVED
Fergie  May 2018 (litter #2) RESERVED
Rihanna  July 2018  (litter #1) RESERVED
Fergie  December 2018 (litter #3)

My MINI mommies are Mariah, Adele and Lady Gaga and they will have their first litters in the fall/early winter of 2018 and I expect them to have 7-9 puppies in each litter.

Mariah Fall 2018 (first litter) RESERVED
Adele Approx Winter 2018 (first litter)
Lady Gaga Approx Winter 2018 (first litter)

I reserve the right to hold back a puppy from any litter. Selections are done in the order deposits are received. I will check with everyone when puppies are born to see if the timing of the current litter will work or if they want to defer to a later litter. I give families one week to make this decision. When puppies are 6 weeks old I schedule appointments over the weekend for families to visit and select which puppy will join their family at 8 weeks old. Here is the current list of deposits (last updated 2/27/18):

Name Deposit Date Notes
1 Pups By Taylor Breeder always retains the right to first pick
2 Eric & Amanda N 2/9/17 Their 2nd PBT puppy, THANK YOU
3 Tyler R 2/10/17 Friend Referral – thank you!
4 Erick & Hollie 2/13/17
5 Leli A 3/2/17
6 Brian G 3/28/17 Their 2nd PBT puppy, THANK YOU
7 Diana A 4/27/17 Found us on Instagram!
8 Jennifer C 4/28/17
9 Angela C 5/5/17
10 Meghan & Blake N 5/10/17
11 Mitch & Wendy 5/11/17 Their 2nd PBT puppy, THANK YOU
12 Alex & Michelle E 5/16/17 Friend Referral – thank you!
13 Amanda & Marcus 6/10/17 Their 2nd PBT puppy, THANK YOU
14 Jan L 6/18/17
15 Stefani & Melissa 8/29/17 Friend Referral – thank you!
16 Nancy G 9/8/17
17 Ben & Courtney D 9/21/17
18 Chad & Rian R 10/30/17
19 Chanel A 11/17/17 Christmas surprise!! (name updated 12/28)
20 Raluca S 12/28/17 Friend Referral – thank you!
21 Sherry P 1/8/18 Their 2nd PBT puppy, THANK YOU
22 Rick S 1/9/18
23 Zach & Andrea P 1/27/18
24 Rachael P 2/7/18 Friend Referral – thank you!
25 Ellyshia N 2/8/18
26 Chris H 2/24/18
27 Danna C 2/24/18
28 Sammy N 2/27/18 Friend Referral – thank you!