Available Puppies

Deposit list is at the bottom of this page – there is a wait list and right now the wait is approximately one year. My dogs are very small minis, some may call them “micro” mini or I’ve seen “teacup” used, this means my girls won’t have 9 puppies in a litter, it is usually 4-6. Please keep in mind Mother Nature has full control over the timing, how many in the litter and how many boys vs girls. This year we hope to have 2 more litters of puppies, born in late September and mid November however please keep in mind that these litters are reserved. Next year I hope to have two litters in the Spring (approximately April/May), summer (July) and then Christmas 2018 puppies. The litter box training and crate training that I do really makes having a puppy so much easier and less stressful that some people think it is worth the wait but I understand it may not work with your teaching schedule. I will be looking for a guardian home for a male and a female puppy in mid August.

If you want to see Beyonce’s final litter of 2 females, you can check out our nest cam to WATCH PUPPIES!!!

My estimated puppy schedule for puppies to arrive is

Jlo October 2017 (litter #3)
Fergie  December 2017  (litter #1)
Rihanna  April 2018  (litter #1)
Jlo   May 2018 (final litter)
Fergie  July 2018 (litter #2)
Rihanna  December 2018 (litter #2)

I also have Mariah, Adele and Lady Gaga and they will have their first litters in early 2019.

I reserve the right to hold back a puppy from any litter. Selections are done in the order deposits are received. I will check with everyone when puppies are 2 weeks old to see if the timing of the current litter will work or if they want to defer to a later litter. When puppies are 6 weeks old I schedule appointments over the weekend for families to visit and select which puppy will join their family at 8 weeks old. Here is the current list of deposits:

Name Deposit Date Notes
1 Pups By Taylor
2 Madeline & Arnie 7/25/16 Their 2nd PBT puppy, THANK YOU
3 Brian and Kim G 12/11/16
4 Kristen O 1/9/17
5 Rob and Kristen R 2/1/17
6 Eric and Amanda N 2/9/17 Their 2nd PBT puppy, THANK YOU
7 Tyler R 2/10/17
8 Erick and Hollie 2/13/17
9 Leli A 3/2/17
10 Brian G 3/28/17
11 Jamie G 4/19/17
12 Diana A 4/27/17
13 Jennifer C 4/28/17
14 Brian & Krstine 5/2/17
15 Angela C 5/5/17
16 Krista S 5/5/17
17 Meghan and Blake N 5/10/17
18 Karl and Stacey O 5/11/17
19 Alex and Michelle E 5/16/17
20 Amanda and Marcus 6/10/17 Their 2nd PBT puppy, THANK YOU
21 Jan L 6/18/17