Available Puppies

I am always searching for a great fit for a guardian family for a future mom for us. This would be getting the ‘pick of the litter’ and at the end of the contract getting that dog for free AND getting paid as well. Details are in the link. I am looking for experienced dog families that live close to us in 98296. Sorry, no first time dog owners for my guardian program because I need someone with previous experience training dogs.

2020 Deposit Process

Below is the current waitlist. I always have my name for first pick because I have to plan ahead for future mommas. On average we have 5 per litter but we have had a litter of just one puppy, two litters of two and one litter of 9 but the average is five. Since I have no control on how many puppies are in a litter, or how many boys vs girl or even the markings or colors I can only keep one list. The waitlist is for me to decide if I have the interest to breed my girls when they cycle or if we should pass and take a little break. So this means I want to keep the waitlist to families that are ready. I do understand that sometimes things can come up and plans change; if someone defers on a litter then I give a refund on the deposit or I can hold again but I move them to bottom of the waitlist as if it were a new deposit. Again, I do this to keep my deposit list down to people that are ready. I know that everyone wants first pick but typically then they comment on how hard the choice is because the puppies are all awesome. 8 week old puppies adapt to you and your lifestyle so it’s pretty easy to get the perfect fit no matter which one you get. Puppies are all so sweet that even when you have a preference of color or sex you forget about all that soon enough but it is a very personal choice so give it some thought and if you have questions or know you are ready to put down your deposit then please Contact me

WaitlistDeposit Date
1Pups By Taylor
2Lucretia L5/2/20
3Ember C6/4/20
4Juli L6/4/20
5Emily W6/12/20
6Kristen O6/20/20
7Shelly L6/20/20
8Isabella G6/20/20
9Vig & Poorva6/20/20
10Rozita Y6/20/20
11Shelley J6/20/20
12Kareema T6/20/20
13Tamara C6/20/20
14Stephanie V6/20/20
15Katie D6/20/20
16Charlotte T6/20/20

I share a lot on Instagram stories so search for “PupsByTaylor” to see everyday life here at my house. We also have about 130 videos on YouTube (search “Pups By Taylor“) and I will start posting new videos on YouTube soon.

Please note that even during “normal times” I do not have visitors to come play with puppies or to check us out and I explain my visitation policy here. If you have allergies I think that is a very valid concern and I would suggest going with a poodle and look in to a groomer that can give you a doodle cut. These dogs are low shedding but no dog is non-shedding and no dog is totally hypo allergenic.I reserve the right to hold back a puppy from any litter if I see a potential future breeding dog. I always have the option of first pick. Selections are done in the order deposits are received. I will check with my deposit list when puppies are born to see if the timing of the current litter will work or if they want to defer to a later litter. Puppy balance is due when puppies are four weeks and and when puppies are 6 weeks old I schedule appointments over the weekend for families to visit and select which puppy will join their family at 8 weeks old.