My specialty is the mini double doodle, which is a mini goldendoodle parent bred with a mini Australian labradoodle parent. These are also called North American Retrievers but that doesn’t sound nearly as fluffy and cute! My price is $3900 plus 7.8% sales tax (98296). This is a pet price with a spay/neuter contract, there are no breeding rights. Everyone on the waitlist has paid $500 as a deposit/application fee.

I think that training your puppy is so important, and to show how much I believe that I have a promotion to receive up to $300 just by spending time training your puppy. If you show me proof your puppy has completed all of the sessions of puppy kindergarten I will pay you $100. If you continue to train your dog and they complete the canine good citizenship test (CGC) by their second birthday then I will pay you $200! So to be transparent, I am bribing or “incentivizing” you to train your dog. Dogs love to spend time with you and they want to please you. This is a very smart breed and they need that mental stimulation. You won’t regret training!

Deposits are $350 and my application fee is $150. My deposits are refundable but the $150 application fee is not. This means if you pay $500 to get on my waitlist and have a change in plans and request a refund you will receive $350. 

I send out emails to my waitlist when my girls are in heat, when we progesterone test, when we breed and I communicate the due date to my waitlist giving almost 9 weeks notice. 

About a week after puppies are born I will contact my waitlist and give everyone details of the birthdate, the date families of this litter can start to visit, the date the balance is due and the date puppies go home. I will give everyone a week to respond and tell me if they are interested in this litter.

As explained on my available puppies page EVERYONE on the waitlist has the ability to express interest. I will follow the order of deposits to reserve the litter. This means if I have 5 puppies available and a waitlist of 25 people and I receive responses of interest from waitlisted names that are # 2, 4, 12, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 then I will go in deposit order which would be 2, 4, 12, 18, and 20. The others that expressed interest will continue to be on the waitlist but will obviously move up. No one will move down for deferring.

Families will be able to visit when puppies are five weeks old. The balance of $3,596.40 is due when families come for visit one and I accept personal checks and Apple Pay. Puppy price is $3800 plus tax which is $4,096.40 minus the $350 deposit and I will also credit you the $150 application fee.

I will ask families to give me their to 3 favorites however I will match the puppy with the family based on the application, the time I spend with the family and the time I spend with the dogs. I need time to see personalities so everyone will know on pick up day which puppy is theirs.

Puppies will have seen a vet before leaving and had their first Parvo vaccine. They will need another vet visit in 3 weeks and one more 3 weeks after that for additional Parvo shots. They will also require a rabies vaccine and some vets do it at the appointment for the final Parvo shot and some want you to come back again, this is your vet’s decision.

I do not remove dew claws as I think it is unnecessary and honestly cruel.

Not related to pricing but still exciting and I think what gets the most response about is that I LITTER BOX TRAIN MY PUPPIES which is nice for families that live in apartments or condos and don’t have their own yard to let the puppy go potty. Remember you cannot take puppy for walks out in public until they have had all of their shots due to parvo risk.

Another exciting thing I think is worth bragging about is that I start a very basic crate introduction around 4 weeks old and your puppy will go home with the crate that they been made to feel comfortable in. They will outgrow that crate in a few weeks but the small size keeps them from wanting to go potty in their crate and the familiar smell should make their first night a little easier. They are not sleeping in a crate through the night while they are here but they do take daily naps up to 2 hours in the crate. 

I do not ship dogs in cargo. If you are not local then you’ll need to fly to either Seattle Tacoma International Airport or Paine Field in Everett (closer to us but west coast flights only) to come pick up your puppy. As much as I love to travel, I do not deliver puppies.