Pet pricing (no breeding rights offered) is $4,000 plus 10.6% sales tax which is due after puppies are born.

Selection process: When I started in 2014, the first deposit/payment got the first pick and then the second deposit/payment got the second pick, etc. By 2020, I realized this method might benefit some breeders to create the urgency to put in an early deposit but I got to a point that I had 20+ deposits with families deferring to be first pick. I asked questions and what I heard from my families was that they felt less joy when they weren’t involved in the decision making process. I know that no matter which dog a family gets, they are going to bond and think that it was meant to be but I heard their concerns and didn’t want anyone feeling like they were settling and feeling any less joy than the family that found me first or had the funds together first. I changed the process and the feedback has consistently been positive.

To get a Sia/The Weeknd puppy leaving June 22nd the full balance is due now. After payment is received then we will schedule visits and at 7 weeks I will ask families to give me their top 3 favorites and then I’ll take that list and match families to puppies.



A note on size in case you missed that on the “our doodles” page:

I have multiigeneration (“multigen”) dogs that take years and years to consistently get the true “mini” size without using a toy poodle to speed up the process. Sia and Pink are Beyonce’s granddaughters and Beyonce is a 6th generation (we just use the term multigen after 3) mini goldendoodle and her parents were both 15 pound multigen goldendoodles. I have a very consistent size. I have raised 46 litters since I started in 2014 and my dogs adult weight range is 12-30 pound puppies with very few at 12 pounds (Beyonce’s retired granddaughter Rihanna was only 11 pounds and her retired daughter Fergie was 13 which gave us some of the smaller pups) and even less reaching 30 pounds (I think I have two). Most of my dogs are 17-23 pounds.