Available Puppies


October 10, 2021 – I currently have a waitlist of 21 so new deposits coming in now will not get a puppy until 2022. Keep in mind dogs are pregnant about 60 days and they stay here for 56 days. I don’t have anyone pregnant at this time so we are at minimum 4 months away from puppies. Waitlist is below….

Waitlist process – If you prefer video vs reading I explain everything below on IGTV

Before completing an application please make sure you have taken time to check out my site, looked at my dogs, my pricing, the waitlist, you might want to look at the FAQs, About Me etc. I will contact you for a phone call and send you a request for the $150 application fee. After the phone call if we both agree to proceed I will send a request for the refundable deposit of $350. This $500 payment will be applied to your balance when paying for the puppy and if your plans change then you will be refunded $350 and I will keep $150 for the time I have spent working with you.

Again, deposit is $350 and that is refundable. Application fee is $150 and that is non refundable.

About a week after puppies arrive I am going to send one announcement email to everyone with deposits on the waitlist. ┬áI do not send follow up messages and texts, if you do not reply I will assume you are not interested in the current litter. I do not want to talk anyone in to a puppy. If the timing isn’t right there will be another litter in the future.

Example timeline is….

(Example) When puppies are 1 week old I will send an email to the entire waitlist and ask if there is interest in this litter and I will give everyone a deadline to respond to me. Everyone on the waitlist has the ability to express interest. I will follow the order of deposits to reserve the litter. This means if I have 5 puppies available and a waitlist of 25 people and I receive responses of interest from waitlisted names that are # 2, 4, 12, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 then I will go in deposit order which would be 2, 4, 12, 18, and 20. The others that expressed interest will continue to be on the waitlist and will obviously move up. No one will move down for deferring

I will confirm the families getting a puppy and for those families the waitlist order no longer matters. Not much happens for the first four weeks as puppies are busy growing. Their eyes are not open yet, they can’t hear and mom has to help them go potty for a few weeks.

When puppies are five weeks old, families that are getting a puppy from the current litter at my house will be able to start visiting. I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s schedule but please keep in mind that, depending on the litter size, I may not be able to schedule everyone on the weekend, weekdays are usually easier to schedule. Balance is due when you come for your first visit and I accept Apple Pay or personal checks. I only accept Apple Pay or personal check. PayPal does not allow the sale of animals. Venmo is owned by PayPal and does not allow the sale of animals. There are plenty of services out there but I accept Apple Pay or personal check.

By the time puppies are seven weeks old, I hope each family has visited once and if scheduling allowed a second visit. I will ask everyone to email me their top 3 puppy preferences

Example timeline week 8, Puppies will go home and I will have matched puppies with families based on my time with the puppies as well as my time with the families, nothing is based on the deposit order as that is only to determine when families can move from the waitlist in to a litter. I will take top 3 preferences in to consideration however I will be making the selections. This means pick up day will be the day you know which puppy is yours.

Here is the waitlist as of October 10, 2021. My name is always at the top of the list and I have the option to hold back a female from each litter.

1Pups By Taylor
2Kaylie P
3Jacqueline C
4Kim L
5Susanna L
6Chelsea & Josh O
7Nancy S
8Jeannie & Vuong
9Lee & Brianna
10Wes & Emily
11Hjalti and Erna
12Edgar, Marlyn & Miranda
13Erica & Garrison
14Charyse D
15Zel L
16Nidhi G
17Emily F & Jason M
18Ramie G
19Taylor & Kevin
20Ellyshia N
21Kelsey C