Your answers to the following questions will help me select a puppy that compliments your family and way of life. Keep in mind that temperament match is very high in priority. It is helpful to be open to a male or female. Both make equally wonderful pets. A few notes…

1. I keep the available puppies page current and I go over the process of getting a puppy. Most of our puppies are reserved prior to being born but if for some reason I have an opening in the litter it will be listed on the available puppies page.

2. I do my best to give a guesstimate on when each girl will cycle but I cannot predict the future, these are just guesstimates. I do not know how many puppies each mom will have or if a breeding will even be successful and she will have puppies at all.

3. If you missed it there is a page with pricing as well.

4. I do not rehome my retired dogs

5. I don’t have people over to ‘check things out’ but that is why I have over 100 videos on YouTube and post daily on IG. Here is the visitation policy

6. If you are interested in being a guardian family I will have some additional questions but this application is a great start for all

7. I will contact you to schedule a time for us to talk after receiving your application. If we both agree to proceed then I will give you instructions to pay the $150.00 application fee and the $350.00 deposit to get on the waitlist

8. Please be sure you understand the selection process. I match you with a puppy and I do not guarantee a specific sex or color