Happy Owners

We’ve had our sweet little Miley for over a month now and from the first moment I contacted Taylor through now, Taylor has been an absolute rock star. The care and love she gives these puppies from their birth is outstanding. Not only are they incredibly loved and cared for, but Taylor starts some basic training with the puppies which really helps when you bring them home. She is always there to answer any questions that come out. If you’re even considering getting a puppy, don’t think any longer and get on her wait list immediately. You really can’t find a better breeder!

We can’t even begin to speak as to how great Taylor is! From the moment we made the first phone call she has been absolutely wonderful. The way she cares for these puppies and works to make the transition to coming home with you has made all the difference for our sweet girl Stella. I am saying this as I lay in bed with a passed out puppy in her crate peacefully sleeping (this is night 2!!) and she was just as peaceful on night 1! The litter box and crate training has made the transition seamless. The support doesn’t stop when you take your puppy home either. We joined a family!! It is so great to know that whenever we have questions, concerns, or just want to talk about our puppy Taylor is there. During the entire process she worked with our schedules to make visits work, made sure we knew what was going on with Stella, had an entire album of all the puppies so we could see her grow, and of course the camera that we constantly watched! Stella was exactly what we needed in our lives and we can’t thank Taylor enough!!

Right from the beginning I could tell Taylor was a special breeder. She puts sooo much love and care into each little pup. Once I expressed interest Taylor was very informative and descriptive with the process. She is very active on Instagram and gave live updates frequently, as well as often updated her website. I did lots of research and felt very comfortable with my decision to go through Taylor. I definitely recommend her to anyone interested in her sweet little puppies. I learned a lot about double doodles and just dogs in general from her. Even after taking my little guy Odie home, she made sure to check in with families for updates and helped reassure me with any concerns. It’s only been day 2 with my new little guy but with Taylor’s preparation and contact I feel like I can reach out to her with any questions I have. I’m very happy that our interactions didn’t end when I took Odie home. I’m also connected with most of the families from Odie’s litter which is even more special. I think if you’re even slightly interested talking to Taylor will offer so much insight.

I would definitely recommend my friends or family about Pups By Taylor. Taylor is seriously the best. From crate training, litter box training, to beginning stages of command trainings, it has helped our puppy tremendously! We had the easiest transition from her leaving Taylor’s to our home. There has barely been any accidents and our puppy is so well behaved!

We adopted Kodakai from Pups by Taylor in summer 2018. Kodakai has been with our family for six months now and he is adorable! We get asked all the time what breed he is and where we got him. Taylor takes such great loving care of her puppies! When we went to visit, I immediately noticed a huge difference from her puppies and the ones we had visited elsewhere. Taylor’s puppies loved to be held and touched. Kodakai came home to us crate trained and litter box trained, which was such a big help to us since we are first time dog owners.