First let me tell you our location, because I found it super frustrating when I was searching for my dogs and had to click all over each website trying to figure out where in the heck the breeder was located. Don’t be fooled by my NY area code (where my  husband is from) we are about 20 miles outside of Seattle, our address is Bothell but our housing development is right outside of the “Welcome to Mill Creek” sign. Bothell is pretty large so I think it helps to give that landmark to give a better idea. The Mill Creek Town Center is 1.5 miles from our house, if you want something to put in to maps and search. We our halfway between I5 and 405 – both are easy to get to.

I see many breeders that live on 10+ acres where their dogs can run and nap under a tree but the truth is doodles are “velcro dogs” and unless you are running and napping under the same tree with them they have no desire to be anywhere without you. My girls follow me all the way to the shower and sit on the mat outside the shower door and I am home with them 24/7 so it’s not like they ever get a chance to miss me! We live in a 5 bedroom home that was my husband’s before we met; it is the largest house I’ve ever lived in but with 3 dogs I sometimes catch myself whining that “our house is so small!”.  Even if I wanted to keep my girls outside, in a situation like this, where we all live so close even the slightest bark would upset my neighbors. That doesn’t bother me because I love having the dogs around me all the time. My husband and I just took a quiz to see how well we knew each other and one of the questions was – name 2 of my closest friends and he listed Debbie (you’ll see her commenting like crazy on my Facebook page, she’s awesome) and BEYONCE….and I don’t know the celebrity, he means OUR DOG!!!! Before I fully comprehended how pathetic that makes me sound I responded that ‘Beyonce isn’t my favorite – it always changes’. Haha! If you don’t read this section until you know me that will really give you a laugh but for now you might think I’m a bit nutty. These dogs are my children and I love them so much!

A  lot of people have assumed that I grew up with dogs but I had a single mother and we lived in apartments when I was a child so I never got to have pets but I had an uncle that had FIVE at his house. It always felt so crazy visiting uncle Scott and his five dogs; his house smelled like DOG and I just knew that was something I would never do. I was a cat person for a long time and thought it was adorable that everything had to be on their terms but then one day I fell in love with a dog we named Apple….


Apple was a loyal, adorable, 5 pound yorkie pom and she was a free rescue dog we found on Craigslist. She was my first dog and I could walk her around downtown Seattle without a leash because she was so obsessed with me (and I felt the same about her). Unfortunately our free dog came with some health issues that cost several thousand dollars. I learned a lot from Apple; I learned about the benefits of feeding a natural, human grade, raw food diet as well as the need for health testing, including running a simple blood panel after puppies are 16 weeks old and then yearly to make sure organs are functioning as they should. Apple’s kidneys failed in 2012 and I started researching kidney failure in dogs and I found that feeding fresh green tripe was the help she needed. I could not find a local store that sold fresh tripe in 2012 but after a lot of researching and calling around I was introduced to a local co-op for feeding raw. We made the switch to raw diet before we got our first doodle, Shakira, and have not looked back. I know there are plenty of products on the market that are “grain free” and have a higher price but you cannot convince me that processed food is better than whole foods. I find that that dog smell is gone, there is a lot less clean up to do in the yard (you get that I’m talking about poop, right?), our dogs have don’t have ‘hot spots’, skin irritation/rash, ear infections, etc. Even if you don’t purchase a puppy from us, if you are local I would be thrilled to introduce you to the dog food co-op so you can begin feeding raw. No matter where you are located if you landed here on a search regarding kidney disease in dogs or renal dysplasia in dogs I would be happy to share everything I know and be as much support as possible. I know how devastated I felt after that diagnosis but after Apple’s kidneys failed she lived for another 2+ years with the change in diet, Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Our dogs are our pets FIRST and they are part of the family business second. Our dogs all sleep in their crates which are in our bedroom or in our bed with us and each morning they go out for a potty break and we all get back in our bed to cuddle before starting our day. I love this time! When you come to our home you will meet Beyonce and JLo, both are already spayed and retired after 4 litters and Fergie will retire after her forth. For our girls that live in guardian homes their commitment is just three litters and then they will be spayed and continue to live their same family as a pet. My husband likes to say he is the “master” but I always insist I am their mommy. I kiss and cuddle every one of my furry kids every single day. My husband Andru and I are fortunate enough to both work from home so our dogs are used to being with us all the time. When I was shopping for an additional pup to add to our pack (JLo) I considered buying an adult dog and was surprised to find out many breeders either keep their dogs outside every day and are allowed laundry room access in extreme weather conditions or they live in the garage. Even if you dress the garage up and call it a “puppy penthouse” it is still locking the animal away from the family and we never do that in our home. I couldn’t find another breeder with a style like mine. JLo lived in a converted garage away from the family. The results of this poor socialization as a new puppy was that she was very nervous and then excited when new people came to our house. We spent a lot of time working that out but I want to point it out so if you visit another breeder you know it is really is important that the dog live in the house with the family, unless you are looking for a guard dog that will live outside then that would be a different situation.

We start early crate training and litter box training and use a method called bio sensory training that starts when a puppy is only 3 days old. I don’t have an application for you to fill out because I want to take the time to get to know each family and make sure a puppy will be a good fit with your current lifestyle. I invite you to come over and hang out with us and your puppy before they leave here because it gives us time to talk in a relaxed environment without you feeling interrogated. A lot of breeders schedule their timed selection day at 8 weeks when puppies leave which doesn’t leave a lot of time to get to know you and make much of a long term connection.

Before getting a dog you need to take into account your lifestyle and circumstances.  For most of us this means a dog that can satisfy our need for companionship, is easily trained and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep but for the first two years a puppy takes a lot more of your time – this isn’t a video game that you can pull off the shelf when YOU feel like playing. A puppy means coming straight home from work instead of happy hour or dinner dates, going to just one movie instead of hopping over for a second, waking up early on weekends and the list goes on. A dog is a really big commitment and if I don’t think it is a good fit then I have the right to decline any requests to purchase one of my puppies. I want to be sure I find a good fit that will benefit you both. Many breeders just want to be sure you can afford the dog and end the relationship when you take the puppy home. I consider each puppy my grandchild and that means each new family becomes my family. I stay in touch with our new families as the puppies grow and am available for questions, support, dog sitting, etc. I add in my contract that the “buyer agrees to never relinquish the dog to a shelter or to transfer ownership of the dog to anyone else without Pups by Taylor permission. Pups by Taylor agrees to accept a return of the dog at any time and for any reason, for the life of the dog”. We are in this together.

If you have more questions about me or anything stated above please give me a call/text/or use the contact form to email me!