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For 5 years I have been responding to every email, so proud because I know many breeders do not follow this. But after 5 years I’m choosing to spend time training my puppies and enjoying the short time I have with them instead of taking the time to answer questions that are already on my site. So before you fill out the form asking for information that is already be on the site, please take a look around

1. I keep the available puppies page current with the waitlist of deposits. Most of our puppies are reserved prior to being born but if for some reason I have an opening in the litter it will be listed on the available puppies page.

2. If you missed it there is a page with pricing as well.

3. I do not rehome my retired dogs

4. I don’t have people over to ‘check things out’ but that is why I have over 100 videos on YouTube and post daily on IG. Here is the visitation policy

If you have read my site and want to find out how to get on the waitlist please complete the following: