Happy Owners

We had an amazing experience with Taylor from Day 1. Everything she does and says communicates her love of dogs and her desire to ensure the puppies go home with high quality families. I appreciated her availability to answer the questions we had and that she gladly allowed us to visit the puppies as often as we wanted. The puppies were always exceptionally clean and kept in her home, providing them with much training and socialization.  We brought home a very well-adjusted, happy puppy who was ready to become a member of our family. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-quality dog!

I truly believe that a lot can be said about those who are passionate about what they do. Taylor is not your ordinary run of the mill breeder. When you research into potential breeders you stumble upon a lot of them who are all claiming the same things and it’s hard to differentiate and know if they are really all the things they claim or if they are just good at letting you see the things they want you to see. My boyfriend and I decided to get our little guy, Kingston, who is a JLo/Koa pup from Taylor and we are so lucky and happy we did. From the very beginning, Taylor maintained open and honest communication and feedback with us. We didn’t know if we were ready to be dog owners and if our lifestyle could accommodate raising a dog and she talked us through and helped us think about all the factors involved and what raising a dog requires from financial responsibilities to schedules to time etc. Taylor is passionate not just about the breeding process but about each individual dog that leaves her home and rightly so. She invests so much of her time helping with early development and training from the moment the puppies are born to the very moment they leave and has remained a constant help and resource to us up until now (Kingston is already over 6 months now!) Taylor kept us updated on a daily basis through Snapchat posts, YouTube videos and a shared photo album. I don’t know many people who have ultrasound photos or videos of their dogs minutes after they were born but we do! She accommodated us visiting the puppies whenever we wanted even if it was a Friday night after the end of a long work day. In bringing Kingston home, Taylor set us up with everything that we needed to make the transition into our home an easy one. My friends and family with dogs have always commented that they have never had that kind of care or attention with the breeders they went with! I highly recommend Taylor and I do recommend her to everyone I encounter who comments on how adorable, loving and well-adjusted/behaved Kingston is. As much as I could write about how great Taylor and the whole experience was and is, Kingston is the true testament to what true passion and love can produce and that all started with Taylor. The time she spent with him in his early development has made him who he is. We love him so much and have Taylor to thank. We seriously can’t recommend her enough!

So I’ve now had my precious Felicia aka “Flea” for almost 8 months and loving every moment of it. I can’t imagine life without her. I am a brand new puppy owner…meaning I’ve never owned a dog, not even as a kid. My friends couldn’t believe I wanted a puppy, in fact they tried to dissuade me from getting one and told me it would be A LOT of work and it would eat all my shoes! I spent hours, days looking at sites researching as to what I wanted. I knew I loved the temperament of a lab but didn’t want the size of a lab. Somehow I stumbled across Taylor’s site and was obsessed with her puppies. A mini double doodle seemed perfect for me. I was hoping for a dog under 20 lbs and I’m not gonna lie the whole litter training thing was intriguing. She happened to live close to my parent’s house, so I went up for a visit to “look’” just look at puppies and possibly place deposit for one I could pick up in a year. Well I fell in love…with all of them! I held the purple collar girl, she was exactly what I wanted, female and light colored. I was ready to write my check, but to my surprise Taylor wanted me to think about it for a day or two and get back to her. There was NO pressure at all to buy a puppy. Not only that, she answered all my questions and allowed me to visit several times. She even told me that if I didn’t want the puppy after I paid my deposit she would give it back. Needless to say I felt as though I was buying from a breeder that REALLY cared about her puppies and wanted them to go to the perfect homes. You can tell how much time she puts into raising the pups by all the updates you get. She shared daily pictures and videos of the pups before they were ready to come home. When I finally brought Flea home it took some adjustments but for the most part wasn’t the nightmare everyone told me it would be. Yes, she still uses her litter box but if I take her outside she goes outside. Some people think its weird but I love it! No early morning walks for me. I would never recommend a litter box for a big dog , but works perfect for my 11 lb dog. I have to say the support Taylor provides after you bring home your puppy is wonderful. For a first time dog owner like me, it took away a lot of stress. The Pups by Taylor Families Facebook page is a great resource as well. It’s a great way to share ideas or even hear about everyone else’s experiences. Taylor also has reunions. At the first reunion we went to we met Flea’s littermate, Norman, who happens to live close to us. Flea and Norman see each other at least once a week and will be having their 1st birthday party together this July. People stop me all the time to take pictures or Flea and ask where I got her. I have to say so far my experience as a 1st time dog owner has been pleasant. I wouldn’t think twice about getting a second dog from Taylor, if only my husband would let me!

We have the cutest and sweetest little guy, our mini double doodle Bentley, that we got from Taylor Pups.  I know that his personality is so wonderful because of the way Taylor brings up her pups.  The socialization, the acclimation to strange noises and things that Taylor introduces to her puppies made for a very functional little dog.  And we also loved that he was litter box trained as we live in a three story town house.  Bringing him home and our first night with Bentley was a piece of cake.  Bentley slept right beside the bed with his little stuffed toy and did not cry all night.  He needed to get up only once.  I have no reservations about a pup from Taylor Pups.


PS  In your written material that you send home, when you are talking about transitioning from the litter boxes to outside you might suggest that they don’t wait too long because I think the only down side to the litter boxes is that they go when they want and don’t learn to hold it.  After a short period of some problems with Bentley where I kept him close to me and took him out every few hours and then longer and longer, he is now totally house broken and uses a bell to let me know if he wants out.

We adopted Luka a little over a year ago. He’s very playful, smart and loyal. Loves to follow you everywhere.. He can do lots of tricks especially when given a treat! He can even understand grandma when she speaks to him in Chinese. Luka has been a blessing to all of us! He’s like the brother our son always wanted. We are very thankful to Taylor and Andru who have been great! We would definitely recommend Pups by Taylor.