Guardian Opportunities

I am always looking for guardian homes. A guardian home is a foster to adopt family that cares for one of my breeding dogs. I love my dogs but it is challenging for me to make enough time to walk, train and spend quality time with each one when I have 5+ living in my home. Initially, since we have not established a relationship, a deposit equal to the price of the dog (currently $3900) is paid to me and kept in my business savings. When our agreement ends you will get that money back. In addition to receiving your deposit back, after the female dog returns home from the final litter you have 6 weeks to get her spayed, at your choice of vet and your expense, and then upon proof of the spay surgery you will be paid an additional $2,500.00 compensation. This means at the end of the agreement you have a free dog that I would sell for $4,204.20 (with the current 7.8% tax rate) plus an additional $2,500 which means your compensation is valued at over $6,700.00!

Being a guardian is not for everyone. Guardians need to live close enough for me to reach the dog without driving an hour in one direction so West Seattle for example is out. I need families in Bothell, Mill Creek, Everett, Kirkland, Lynnwood and even Woodinville would be great. The dog will come back here to give birth and raise puppies so you will be without her for almost 2 months for 3-4 litters. A raw food diet is required and the dog MUST BE trained.  Here are the details:

Pups By Taylor
 Guardian Contract

The contract is a binding agreement for the purpose of fostering a puppy/dog in the breeding program of Pups By Taylor. Requirements of the Guardian while in the breeding program of Pups By Taylor will be as follows:

  • Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards will make arrangements with the Guardian regarding an appropriate time to place the dog in the Guardian’s care. Upon placement into Guardian care, the dog remains under the legal ownership of Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards and can be removed from the Guardian at any time if deemed necessary. Only after the dog has fulfilled their breeding duties as defined by Pups ByTaylor/Taylor Edwards will the dog be transferred into possessive ownership of the Guardian with no further ties Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards. If at any time the Guardian wishes to end their contract with Pups By Taylor the dog must go back to the home of Taylor Edwards.

If the Guardian is caring for a female of Pups By Taylor

When the female shows any sign of coming “into season” (typically between 6-14 months of age) Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards must be contacted immediately (each and every time she comes into season while in the Guardian’s care, contact with Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards is required). I do not breed my girls on the first cycle, I never have and I don’t plan to in the future. I also may not breed on the second cycle, it is my call to make, but I need to know the dates because I’m trying to establish her cadence to predict future cycles/puppies. Approximately 7 days after the female starts bleeding Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards will pick up the female and take her in for progesterone testing to determine the appropriate time for breeding. When her progesterone level shows the highest chance of ovulation Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards will pick up the female and take her for breeding or artificial insemination. This is why location is important – there will be probably 2-4 trips in to the vet for a blood test to check progesterone and once we get the number I’m looking for there will be 2-3 attempts to breed the dog with a male. That can be a lot of driving for me if I don’t select a home in my general area.

After the breeding, the female will be placed back into the Guardian’s care for about 55 days which is shortly before she is ready to whelp her pups. At the time of whelping, she will go into the care of Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards to “whelp” (deliver) her pups and she will stay until we wean them. Around the puppies 5th and 6th week the female will be returned into the care of the Guardian. In some cases I’ve had a mom that did not want to nurse after 4 weeks and she can return to the guardian but I try to encourage her to nurse longer if she is willing. I have enough adult dogs here for the puppies to interact with and learn from. I agree that nursing as long as possible is ideal however I don’t lock the moms in with puppies to force that to happen.

The process will repeat itself three to four times so that there are a TOTAL OF three or four litters (four is the maximum) whelped per Pups By Taylor’s decision. The amount of litters and cadence of breeding will not be decided by the Guardian but by Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards only. Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards may choose to/or not to have back-to-back litters, it is the discretion of Pups By Taylor that determines breeding timing and breaks between cycles. This means the dog will continue to be owned by Pups By Taylor until the dog is 4 or possibly even 5 years old. When the required THREE OR FOUR litters are fulfilled, the Guardian will receive the $3900 deposit back and will make arrangements to spay the girl at their expense within 6 weeks of her returning to the Guardian after whelping and weaning her final litter. At that time Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards will then transfer ownership to the Guardian and will pay $2,500.00 to the Guardians. Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards will need a copy of the veterinarian signed spay certificate either sent via mail or email.


Veterinarian Costs:
All basic veterinary care will be covered by the Guardian. This includes remaining puppy vaccines, rabies vaccines, yearly boosters and annual health exams. Pups By Taylor will pay for all medical testing for breeding purposes (PennHIP or/or OFA and CERF), ultrasounds and x-rays that concern the dog’s reproductive health.


  • The pup’s crate must be purchased by the Guardian. All of our dogs are crate trained and I expect that to continue for dogs in Guardian homes.
  • ALL toys, bedding, grooming materials…etc. are at the expense of the Guardian
  • Grooming expenses are the responsibility of the Guardian. Please consult with Pups By Taylor regarding acceptable grooming techniques and haircuts for the pup/dog. Pups By Taylor may choose to take a photo opportunity before grooming and/or after grooming. Due to the need for public viewing on an “as needed” basis, it is a requirement of the Guardian to keep the dog well groomed.
  • I REQUIRE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR DOG GROOMED BY A PROFESSIONAL EVERY 4-8 WEEKS. You must groom your dog to maintain a healthy clean coat. Lapses in grooming is cause for return of the pup/dog to Pups By Taylor. It is of utmost importance to us that our dogs are clean and well groomed.
  • Housebreaking is the responsibility of the Guardian
  • Guardian must not move outside of a 25 miles radius of 98296 (Snohomish). If Guardian decides to move, pup/dog must be returned to Pups By Taylor. There is a possibility that contract may be renegotiated at that time – decision will be made by Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards


  • Until the end of the agreement, my dog will exclusively eat a raw food diet. The raw food diet can be freeze dried but there will be no kibble fed to the dog. This is a requirement to be a Guardian.
  • The Guardian will train the dog and by 2 years of age successfully complete the Canine Good Citizen program. CGC is a ten-skill training program that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience. This is a requirement to be a Guardian.
  • Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards reserves the right to view any dog in my breeding program with Guardian care at any given time. With the appropriate notice of at least one day I would like the option to come over and take the dog for a walk, check on the progress of the training, look at their groom, take pictures, etc.  I reserve the right to remove a dog from Guardian care at ANY given time if deemed necessary by Pups By Taylor. These rights are at the discretion of Pups By Taylor/Taylor Edwards

If this sounds like something you are interested in please CONTACT ME!