• My specialty is the mini double doodle, which is a mini goldendoodle parent bred with a mini labradoodle parent. These are also called North American Retrievers but that doesn’t sound nearly as fluffy and cute! My minis are $3200 plus tax and mini moms are Mariah, AdeleGaga and Blue Ivy and their puppies should all be about 18-27 pounds. If you are looking for a smaller, micro mini weighing about 7-15 pounds as an adult; a dog that can fly with you under the seat of the plane, those are $3800 plus tax and micro minis moms are Fergie (13 pounds) and Rihanna (11 pounds).
  • Deposits are $500. Puppy selection is done at six weeks old for minis and seven weeks old for the micro minis, at that age the puppies coats have started to curl and personalities start to show so I schedule a selection day over the weekend, making appointments in the same order as I received deposits – the oldest deposit gets the first pick. I ask you to make a decision if you have found a good match or want to move your deposit to the next litter. When you select your puppy at six weeks (minis)/seven weeks (micros) the remaining balance is due. Puppies are selected in the order of deposits received. Puppies will go home 2 weeks after selections so at 8 weeks old for minis and 9 weeks old for micro minis. The tiny ones develop just a little slower and you will appreciate the extra time that I spent working on crate training and litter training.

I think what gets the most response about is that I LITTER BOX TRAIN MY PUPPIES! This means that you can either continue to have your puppy use a litter box (how nice would that be with all of the rain around here) OR you can take the litter that I send you home with, which is NOT clumping cat litter, and you can safely put this in your yard where you would like the puppy to start going potty. Remember you cannot take puppy for walks until they have had all of their shots due to parvo risk.

Another exciting thing I think is worth bragging about is that I start a very basic crate introduction around 4 weeks old and your puppy will go home with the crate that they been made to feel comfortable in. This means that the first night they might cry for a few minutes since they are not used to being alone but the crate is their familiar, safe place for sleeping and they are usually nice and quiet, sleeping like a baby from night one which if you’ve experienced anything else you know this is priceless. I also start early harness and leash training so it is more comfortable and natural for the dog when you are ready to go on walks and isn’t as difficult for you or the puppy .

This was a trip to the vet for shots

Puppies go home with

  • 6 pounds of Darwin’s raw food in convenient 0.5 pound packages
  • A 2 pound bag of fresh green tripe, probably the worst smelling thing you will ever have in your refrigerator but please research the health benefits as they are AMAZING! This is not the bleached tripe you can purchase in a grocery store, this is the cow’s stomach and “green” includes the grass they eat as well as wonderful, probiotic digestive enzymes, calcium and beneficial bacteria. I hate the smell but I love what it does and your puppy already loves it
  • As mentioned earlier you will take home the puppy’s crate that they are comfortable in
  • A snuggle puppy stuffed dog that has a battery operated heartbeat and a warmer inside – very calming for a puppy missing their litter mates
  • A few plush chew toys
  • A blanket that they have slept with here with siblings which should also help with that first night

Health testing/screening

  • Your new puppy will have gone to the vet for age appropriate shots and deworming and we provide records for this service. Our vet is Dr Raja at Finn Hill Animal Hospital.
  • Your puppy’s parents have had their hips OFA certified (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and I have that certification showing on the page for each parent. In addition to hips, they have had their eyes screened and certified as well as their patella and I have done a genetic screening Paw Print Genetics.
  • Puppies start bio sensory training at 3 days old. This is a method developed by the US military for their canine program and what it means is early neurological stimulation with results in improved health and behavior.

My preference is to continue to sell to local families in Washington state. If you have found my page and are not local I strongly encourage you to look for a local breeder; a family you can visit and meet the puppy’s parents and see the conditions the dogs are raised in. I understand not every breeder stays in touch and tries to foster the relationship like I do so I will sell out of state however I do not ship dogs in cargo. If you are not local then you’ll need to fly to Seattle Tacoma International Airport to come pick up your puppy – I can meet you at the airport but it is just too stressful for a new puppy to leave the comfort of our home and fly cargo. The crate that is going home with your puppy will fit under the seat. As much as I love to travel, I do not deliver puppies.