Puppies are $4,000 plus 7.9% sales tax.

Some notes on size:

I have multiigeneration (“multigen”) dogs that take years and years to consistently get the true “mini” size without using a toy poodle to speed up the process. Most of my current breeding dogs are Beyonce’s granddaughters (Ciara, Jewel, Sia and Pink) and Aaliyah is her great-granddaughter. Beyonce is a 6th generation (we just use the term multigen after 3) mini goldendoodle and her parents were both 15 pound multigen goldendoodles. I have a very consistent size. I have raised 44 litters since I started in 2014 and my dogs adult weight range is 12-30 pound puppies with very few at 12 pounds (Beyonce’s retired granddaughter Rihanna was only 11 pounds and her retired daughter Fergie was 13 which gave us some of the smaller pups) and even less reaching 30 pounds (I think I have two). Most of my dogs are 17-23 pounds.

I health test my parents, there are genetic issues that a dog can be a carrier for and no vet can diagnose by listening to their heart and lungs and checking them out physically. A DNA test is needed. The puppies of two carriers will have a percentage that is affected by whatever disease it is that they carry. Again, breeding is more than just putting two dogs together. Once puppies arrive I spend hours with them daily. I show in my daily videos how they are held, the work that I do to get them used to having their ears touched, their paws, I use a grooming blow dryer on them, I trim their nails, I comb them, I use an electric toothbrush to desensitize to grooming, I crate train and have them napping for hours in their crate each day. I potty train to use a litter box until they are old enough to start going outside.