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Beyonce Is Take A Break and We Currently Have 2 Available Puppies

04 Jun

*** UPDATE – the two puppies pictured above have gone home and we do not have puppies at this time however I believe we will have one JLo/Koa puppy available to go home in late August, they are due in just a few days.

Shakira is now retired! Not “officially” since she still has puppies here at the house, they will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday so she’s still assisting me with their care but she’s close.  I haven’t decided on an appropriate gift for retirement because massages and diamonds have no value to a dog and she gets bones and treats all the time. I’m open to suggestions to if you think of something let me know.

Beyonce will have one more litter and she will also be retired. I had originally planned for her final litter to be in October, going home in December however I have decided to give her a break and skip a heat cycle. My vet does a full blood panel on our moms after puppies are born and before we breed them the next time and every time our results have been great, very healthy dogs! Our girls are still very young, Beyonce just turned 3 years old on May 20th and she has already had 3 litters, her first was born December 14, 2014 when she was 1 yr, 7 months old). I’m basing my decision on Shakira’s final litter which was tough on our little girl and she ended up spending the night in the ER on Mother’s Day. After discussing with our regular vet, Dr Raja from Finn Hill Animal Hospital and the vets we worked with at Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle, there was nothing that we did wrong, no indication prior to puppies that this would happen and the only improvement that was suggested was to do a 2nd blood test when puppies were 2 weeks old since Shakira had such a large litter. The issue was that the nursing puppies were taking all of her calcium which resulted in eclampsia (eclampsia is different in humans). If we had not been home and caught the early signs when we did, eclampsia can be fatal in dogs, which obviously was scary and very upsetting to us! If we have another large litter we will definitely do a second blood test. All of the veterinarians that we spoke with agreed that Beyonce is healthy, based on exams and lab work, and it is fine to breed her with this next cycle but I’ve always said these wonderful animals are our pets FIRST and this is more of a passion project than a job, I actually have a FT job and have worked for my employer for 13 years so this isn’t something that I do to pay the mortgage. I want to give my girl a break; she gives me so much joy, I want to be sure I’m keeping her best interest in mind. Females dogs can safely have puppies up to 6 years old so I’m going to breed Beyonce for her final litter when she goes in to heat in March 2017 which will mean a due date of approximately May 28 with puppies going home July 23, 2017. I realize this is 13 months away and red minis are VERY hard to find but we are using Beyonce’s son Koa with JLo so there is a good chance we will have more reds in our future. I am sorry to disappoint people but I hope you will understand my reason.


Beyoncé/Chewy puppies are 8 weeks old today

01 May

I feel like I say this with every litter but wow, the time has flown by! Beyonce’s puppies are 8 weeks old today and it is time for them to head out to be with their families. Now that my litters are reserved so far in advance I haven’t been very good at updating my “available puppies” page since I actually don’t have any puppies available but since I’ll be doing a repeat breeding with the two dogs I wanted to show these cuties off.

Just A Regular Day

14 Jan

I had a conversation with a potential puppy family last year on she commented that when looking at pictures from other breeders she noticed they looked a little staged and often outside. She said that she liked that she could see the girls really are a big part of our lives and in our home 100%. I have a ton of pictures that I don’t share because I’m worried of the clutter you might see in the background or a bag of chips or maybe even the toilet (puppies spend their first two weeks in the bathroom – keeps them away from the other dogs and easier to keep that space a higher temp than the rest of us prefer). But after thinking about it I’m going to start showing more every day pics from our house.

These first 2 don’t look super delicious unless you are a dog but here are some examples of what the girls eat. The first pic is ground chicken with bones and organs and some fresh green tripe. The second is emu.

Next pictures are from the cluttered kitchen table, which become my workspace instead of my office upstairs. I was finishing my coffee and doing some boring accounting for my day job that pays the mortgage and Shakira wanted to get up in my lap for some cuddles. The girls like to be close but they aren’t the biggest cuddles so this moment felt really good and I wanted to take a picture but this is a perfect example of one that I wouldn’t normally share and what a shame because it was a great moment!


These were just taken in our room the other day. Andru was out of town and at the end of the work day I was freezing and went upstairs and got in bed and the girls all came up and took a little nap. The lighting was bad and I had the clutter on the dresser but they don’t care about that stuff and I love having them on our bed for cuddle time. They all sleep in the crates at night which is a safe, comfortable place for them but this extra time together always makes me feel good.


 Those are just a few that I’ve taken recently. I’ll continue to share pics that you’ll see are definitely not staged and hopeful show how much we love these girls and what a big part of they are in our lives. 

A Puppy For Christmas

15 Dec

Update: Zeppelin has found a home. Thank you to everyone that has reached out or shared my Facebook post which I did take down. Our next litter of double doodles is expected around April with puppies going home 8 weeks later which would be June timeframe. I realize this sounds like a long time from now but soon we will be saying how fast winter went by. I only expect 4 litters in 2016 and my first is reserved. Deposits are refundable so if you are considering it, I would encourage you to contact me! I know I’m biased but I think our puppies are awesome and you cannot find litter box trained minis anywhere! 

I’m keeping Zeppelin’s pics here so his family can see since this is a lot to email. All of these pictures were taken today, December 15th at our house or the park down the street. Outside gives me better lighting but please don’t judge my December lawn. I often crop the pics to show the puppy close up which makes them look much larger, he’s still a small pup so I kept the ugly lawn shot to give you a better idea. Some don’t show his face but I wanted to show off his gorgeous coat.




Happy 1st Birthday – Beyonce’s First Litter is 1 Today!

14 Dec

I cannot believe a year has gone by since Beyonce had her first litter. We spent the night on the bathroom floor together, here’s a picture I took before bedtime

 We were up for most of the night and she had 3 little boys – Murphy, Koa and Azul  and 2 girls – Sadi and Scout.  The boys all live fairly close to one another in downtown Seattle and have had a few play dates. I love that all 5 families have stayed in touch and let me be a part of their lives.

Beyonce and I picked out birthday cards and something special for us to send her babies. We were able to see the boys recently at the reunion which was wonderful and hope to see the girls at the next reunion. Everyone is happy and healthy. Wishing you a happy 1st birthday, Az, Koa, Murphy, Sadi and Scout!! We love you!!!