Beyonce – Retired

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OFA Cert Information

Beyoncé is a 21 pound multi gen mini Australian Goldendoodle born May 20, 2013. Beyoncé’s parents are both 15 pounds and I have included their pictures.

Beyoncé has a curly coat which requires frequent full body brushing, focusing in areas that experience heavy friction such as behind the ears, under the neck, the base of the tail and underneath the limbs to avoid matting. We like Beyoncé with a longer/fluffier coat but cannot trim on our own so she goes to the groomers 2-3 times per year. Curly coated goldendoodles are considered to be the most non-shedding.

Beyoncé has received training from Anna Bolick from Paws With No Flaws. Beyoncé is a quick learner and responsive to training but her preference is cuddling, she adores people and thrives on companionship, this is a dog that will follow you everywhere.

Beyonce had her first litter in December 2014 and she had 3 boys and 2 girls. Her second litter was July 2015 and she had 5 boys and 2 girls. Her final litter is expected in May 2016. After her final litter she will be spayed and remain at our home as our pet. Beyonce will not be rehomed – she is NOT available, thank you for the inquires.

Regarding coat:

As your doodle develops into a dog and out of their puppy coat they may lose a little hair and the coat may lighten or darken, for example Beyoncé’s  coat was looser curls as a puppy and then her curls tightened to a slightly more poodle level. Please keep in mind that your dog can have a completely different look based on the haircut which is one of the reasons we ask you to make your puppy selection in person based on personality and not solely appearance.