JLo – Retired

More Info

JLo is a mini Australian Labradoodle born in September 2014.  She has what some breeders call a “wool” coat which sounds like it feels course to the touch but it actually means tight poodle curls, she is soft like cotton. She is a mulitgen which just means both parents are doodles and also means her coat feels super soft. This look is beautiful but it does require a lot of grooming to keep from mattering. JLo has received her OFA certificates for her eyes and patella (both are pass/fail). Her hips received a preliminary certification because they were done before she was 2 years old so the results are not on the website however I still received a certificate. Her genetic testing was done with Paw Print Genetics and can be found here. If you scroll down you will also see I also ran the panel to see what colors she is able to produce since everyone seems to be looking for the more rare red puppies so I wanted to make sure I chose the best pairing. JLo can have chocolate puppies as well as phantom however she is so small I have not found an appropriate size stud to get those results so I have been focused on red. She has had both abstract and parti puppies. Her puppies are beautiful! She is also a true mini at only 17 pounds so her litter size has been 6 puppies and 4 puppies. JLo lives in our home with us in Bothell so she will have 4 litters before retirement. Please note, she will not be rehomed after retirement she will continue to live with us as our pet, helping supervise future litters along with Beyonce and Fergie.