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As of February 2020 our little Rihanna is retired.

Rihanna is a mini double doodle born here at our home. Rihanna is my smallest girl, weighing in around 12 pounds. Her mom is beautiful JLo and she is a cream Australian labradoodle that also carries for chocolate and phantom. JLo normally weights around 17 pounds. Rihanna’s father is Koa, a Beyonce puppy that has been a favorite on this site and in our hearts. Koa is 15 pounds and he has the popular red abstract markings we get so many compliments on. Since Rihanna is a double doodle Paw Print Genetics custom created a disease panel for us and you can see her report here. If you scroll down you will also see I also ran the panel to see what colors she is able to produce since everyone seems to be looking for the more rare red puppies so I wanted to make sure I chose the best pairing.