Snoop Dogg

More Info

Snoop Dogg is a very mini double doodle, he is just under 9 pounds. He is a Fergie/Jay Z puppy from their final litter May 30, 2019. Both parents are retired. Beyonce is his maternal grandmother, Blue Ivy is his aunt (mom’s side). He has Fergie’s loose coat and is really a small guy, just under 12″ tall. Snoop is “cleared by parentage” for genetic testing by Paw Print Genetics. That means if you go to my breeder profile and look at both Fergie and Jay Z you will see their profiles, both completely clear, not carriers so the “cleared by parentage” title is for the first generation of their offspring. If I hold back a Snoop Dogg puppy they should have their own testing done, meaning the cleared title is only for their children and doesn’t carry down to grandchildren, great grandchildren etc. He also has OFA clearances for eyes, hips and knees but photos can be edited so please head over to the OFA website and do a search there for my dogs. For dogs under 2 years old the results are considered preliminary so they do not report those to their site, sorry for that one you will have to trust my photo but hopefully I’ve earned some trust by now. If you have questions ask anytime. I’m happy to give a humble brag about this!