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Happy Owners

Taylor and Andru are wonderful breeders and people. You get that personal touch that you don’t get with most breeders. They have lots of love to give to their doggies and all the newborn pups. We are in love with Amelia and grateful for our new friends (both dogs and people)❤️

We got our little guy Murphy from Taylor, and we absolutely could not be happier. Upon meeting Taylor, you could see the amount of love and care that she puts into each of her dogs, and even once you adopt one, her caring for them never stops. The puppies were incredibly well cared for, fed the best food and diets, and Taylor helped share all tips and tricks as we took Murphy home. While many breeders are simply there to breed dogs and sell them off, Taylor views each puppy, and those who adopt them, as a part of her extended family.

We were lucky to have found Taylor, especially because of how happy Murphy makes us each day!

If you would like to know what a caring breeder should be, then look up Taylor! We were fortunate to come upon her while looking for a mini labradoodle and were so impressed at the information she made available, how responsive she was, and how she prepared the puppies for their future. She worked on litter training, kennel/crate, training, socialization, noise acclimation. What a difference. From the start our puppy was well-adjusted and so easy to work with. Happy, healthy, raised in a home with people and dogs. She answered every question and truly cared about the entire process. The communication was wonderful with videos and pictures posted online to checking in afterwards to make sure everything was going well. But wait, there’s more, when we had a family situation and could not longer manage our little one after 3 months, Taylor was right there to live up to her commitment and help to rehome our lovely little one. She took the puppy back to her house and working with her network was able to find a new and fantastic home. She even managed the financial end for us. She lived up to everything she committed to in the initial agreement and then some. If you find this site looking for “oodles” to love, you will not be disappointed with Taylor. Highly, highly recommended. I can’t say enough good things about our experience every step to the way. Thank you Taylor!

Don’t Let The Waitlist Fool You

17 Nov

Lesson learned – don’t let the waitlist fool you! I cannot believe that I had a list of 26 families with deposits paid and 20 of those families said the Christmas timing was not right for them. I try to prepare my families for the worst, telling people it could be a year out so if I get to their name early it is a nice surprise instead of setting people up to be disappointed. I just can’t control how many puppies are in a litter or if my girls will even get pregnant but I also don’t know what might be going on with my families. For this litter I made my way through the list and even had a day where I updated my site to say 1 available puppy. There were lots of vacations planned, a remodel, a new baby, a recent pregnancy announced, I have a few families with a senior dog that aren’t ready to add a puppy to their home, etc. Here’s a visual of how far I went down the list:

It’s funny to think back to the day of JLo’s x-ray in October and that I cried that she was only having one puppy. I was so worried about disappointing people on the waitlist. But honestly this has really worked out perfectly because JLo has been producing milk and able to assist Fergie with her puppies. This first litter of 6 was a lot on tiny, 13 pound Fergie and she ended up dehydrated and needing some IV fluids and meds and after that she really lost interest in nursing. I think JLo will continue to let puppies nurse a little each day until they leave.

What I’m trying to say is, and this advice is for me too, trust this process because everything seems to fall in to place each time. My deposits are 100% refundable. I often hear from people that say they will just wait and contact me next year but I continue to take deposits so the longer you wait the further down you will be on the waitlist. If you have been checking out my site and thinking of reaching out give me a call!



Tough Day – Half Full

05 Oct

If you missed my emotional Snapchat from Monday I found out JLo IS pregnant but Dr Raja said just one, possibly two puppies. Here are her X-rays

I’ve had time to get my mind around this. I watched my video a few times and alternate between feeling sorry for myself and cringing with embarrassment. I have come to realize that this is probably not the worst thing that is going to happen to me and (if I’m lucky) life will go on.

The reason I didn’t follow my husbands advice to ‘own and control my own brand’ and delete the video is ultimately because I like that I share so much with my families because it is REAL LIFE. I care a lot about my puppies and I feel incredibly loyal to the people that have trusted me as the means to add to their family. That is special and I recognize that.

Just to give some background, I started my Monday at 4:30am because Fergie woke me up to go potty. Middle of the night or early morning potty needs are a good sign of pregnancy so those moments are actually ones that I jump out of bed excited to be woken up and let them out. I get SO excited that I usually have a hard time settling back to sleep. And when I can’t sleep I go for the iPhone. Ugh! The first thing I saw was multiple stories about the shooting in Las Vegas. Obviously heartbreaking. I hate to admit this but being at a place where there is a mass shooting like this is a fear that I have and I hate it. My husband wants to go to see a popular movie like Star Wars the night it comes out and all I can think of is this is the environment some person looking to harm others is going to take advantage of. I spend the entire movie focusing on who is coming in and out of the theater. Needless to say my mind was racing and I didn’t get back to sleep.

My next excuse, if you will, is that my stepson has so generously shared his cold with me and I’m in the beginning phase where you want to try and power through and you aren’t going to admit you feel like crap ….but you really feel like crap.

I started my workday early (sick, can’t sleep) and around 9am was taking a break checking Facebook and I saw this update from another breeder. I’m removing her name of course…

I don’t know this person and I know how wrong it is to judge but it is so upsetting to me when people make the choice to breed their dogs and then don’t stay with them when they have puppies. This breeder lost 5 lives that she was responsible for because she had to go “in town” and shop for a wedding???? My brother in law got married on Friday, July 7th of this year. My in-laws flew out from NY, my husband was the best man and my stepson was also in the wedding as well. I told my BIL and his fiancé that I could either miss the wedding or the reception because, while I did hire a sitter to be here, I still didn’t want to leave my puppies for very long ….and they were born May 31st so they were definitely not newborns!!

So now I’ve got that on my mind. What a bad day.

I made the decision to do the X-ray on Monday instead of Tuesday because I was having a bad day and was looking forward to something positive but boy was I wrong. I felt angry and hurt that I let people down. And I felt scared that people were going to either think that I don’t know what the heck I’m doing or after Beyoncé’s cyst issue with the two small litters that something is wrong with my dogs. 

The truth is that I don’t always know what I’m doing but I will ask questions and I pay a small fortune to have testing done whenever I can to try and reduce all of the second guessing and all around torturing myself that I just KNOW I’m going to do. I took JLo for progesterone on

July 31

And since she wasn’t ready we did it again August 4th

And again August 8th

I wasn’t leaving anything up to chance! I even had Jay Z’s semen collected and examined in September 2016 so I had plenty of time to find a new stud if there were any concerns on his end

I got JLo and Jay Z together on August 8th, 10th and just in case she was taking a little longer to release those eggs again on August 14th. We did a natural breeding and sperm can live inside the female for up to SEVEN days! I just cannot think of anything I could have done differently.

The truth is, as silly as it sounds, I think we sometimes forget what a miracle this is! I admitted (again – embarrassing) in my emotion filled Snapchat video that my husband and I tried to get pregnant a few years ago and were not successful. We paid thousands of dollars, went to lots of appointments, I did ovulation testing and ultrasounds and had to give myself hormone shots that made me gain weight and a whole bunch of other not so awesome stuff and the results were….nothing.  So I’m sure this breeder’s post this morning also brought back those feelings of – everyone is so casual about their pregnancy when I’m trying with my heart and sole and all of my savings and it is STILL not happening and frankly that SUCKS!

So I did say HALF FULL in the title so let’s get there – tout de suite! I am very grateful that the pregnancy even happened with JLo. We had a deposit for a puppy with a breeder before Shakira was born and it turned out to be a phantom pregnancy. Google that, “phantom pregnancy” – the dog gains weight and her nipples develop and everything seems be progressing with pregnancy but she is not actually pregnant. I would also think this will be a nice easy labor for JLo and I’m incredibly grateful for that! Beyoncé’s two small litters were fast and easy and I definitely want that for her. I had thought having a JLo and a Fergie litter so close might prepare me for the larger size litters that Mariah, Adele and Gaga might have but maybe there is something else coming up that will require my attention? As I tell my anxious families worried about the selection process – it all seems to work out in the end and I will just have to take my own advice. I’m also so very grateful to the people that have trusted me to help add to their families. Thank you!

I did get text messages from both families on the waitlist and families that already have a puppy and those kind messages meant A LOT. Thank you!

I’ve been monitoring JLo’s temperature because there is usually a drop about 24 hours prior to puppies. There is always the chance that she released her eggs late in the cycle which means we were early to X-ray. I’ll keep everyone posted!

Our 2nd Spay Experience and Beyonce’s Two Small Litters

10 Sep

Well it is now official – Beyonce was spayed on Friday so she will not have any more puppies. I wrote a previous post about my experience going to the Animal Hospital of Newport Hills and I’ve got to say again – expensive, yes but WORTH IT!

Once again I made an appointment for a consultation so they could do blood-work and I could get some time to talk to Dr Aspen Davidoff. I really do like her a lot! Some vets are not particularly friendly or supportive with breeders but she has already been very kind and informative and not judgemental at all. I discussed Beyonce’s litter sizes – 5 and then 7 and then only 3 and we skipped a cycle and then 2. She confirmed that there is actually no benefit to skipping a heat cycle so unless there is a complication I won’t do that again. I’m going to go back to back and spay before 4 years old which I’ve read in many places is really healthy and the best thing for a dog. The skipping a heat cycle is an outdated idea.

We did a FULL blood panel on Beyonce so with the office visit the cost for that was $241.75. If you are looking for a way to cut down the budget you can get a different (reduced) blood panel for a little less and if you are taking in a puppy under 1 year old I’m not sure that they even require the blood work but I do think it is worth giving a quick check before sedation to make sure everything is a-ok with your pup. I normally do blood work on my girls before breeding and after every litter just to be sure all internal organs are functioning as they should be and I didn’t do this after Beyonce’s last litter since I knew I’d be bringing her in for this surgery.

After the blood work came back just fine we scheduled surgery. I brought her in on Friday morning and I was just as nervous and emotional as I was with Shakira, just because we had one good experience that didn’t assure me this time would be the same. But guess what – it was just as easy on her. The cost is based on your dog’s weight and for 25 pounds and under she was $274.75. I paid $30.40 to upgrade to the laser and also added the IV fluids during surgery which is optional and an additional $92.45. I think the IV fluids are what makes a huge difference. This part is probably the biggest money maker for them, I’m sure that bag is about $3 but it is worth it. Give up your Starbucks habit for a bit or whatever you need to do to get that IV! Her pain pills were an additional $14.75 and I forgot I still had them from Shakira’s surgery because neither one of them seems to be in pain. I gave it to Shakira and also to Beyonce on night 2 just in case (night 1 they were both still really loopy) and because I wanted them to be a little more zonked out so they didn’t lick at the incision but neither one did. Just like Shakira, Beyonce is bothered by the spot on her front leg where the shaved her for the IV but that’s about it. So total cost for Beyonce’s spay was slightly  higher than Shakira’s because I did more blood work but total was $654.10. While she was sedated I also had them clean her teeth which was not included in that amount but was $321.50. Shakira did not need her teeth cleaned and I believe that is because she likes to chew bones. Beyonce prefers all of her food ground and not whole “prey” – she is a bit of a princess!

Oops almost forgot about LITTER SIZE (highlighting in case you just want to scroll to this part). When I picked B up from the surgery Dr Davidoff came out to let me know that Beyonce had a cyst on one of her ovaries. She said that isn’t a common occurrence in younger dogs however it does happen as the girls age and Beyonce is 4 years, 5 months old. Dr Davidoff said that is no reason to worry, it was a cyst and not a tumor and that she thinks that developed after litter #2 (which was 7 puppies) and what caused litter #3 and #4 to be so small in comparison – just one ovary was functioning. AI could have also played a part since it does have a slightly lower success rate vs natural breeding. Cysts are normal and I myself just had a bit of a scare when I got my annual mammogram this year and they called me to return because they ‘saw something that needed a closer look’ which just turned out to be a cyst which they also told me is normal as we age. Well BOO on aging!

I will definitely return to Newport Hills for JLo’s surgery which will be next year. I highly recommend this place! Yes, you can get it cheaper however this is surgery and recovery can be tough so please keep that in mind. I have posted my phone number all over this site – if you have questions call, text or email. I’m happy to talk more about the experience or any dog questions. 917-847-6652

Beyonce’s Final Litter

28 Jul

I can’t believe we are already here! Beyonce had her final litter of just 2 girls on Wednesday, May 31st. I believe artificial insemination contributed to the small size of her litter but Mother Nature would be the authority on this one and I’m just guessing. I’ve been posting updates on Instagram and Facebook but I want to show off these beautiful girls and the pictures I took of their weekly weigh ins 

Here there are on their birthday:

And week 1

Week 2:

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

These girls are BEAUTIFUL 😍😍

What EXACTLY Does “Health Tested” Mean?!

06 Jul

If you have spent any time looking for a dog you have probably seen the term “health tested” but this doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone so I wanted to post about what it means to me.

When we first got Shakira our breeder Thom, who is a very nice man that I’m still friends with to this day, equated health testing to regular vet check ups with no health issues between visits. Thom had standard size labradoodles as well as minis so he was aware of the retrievers issues with hip dysplasia however he explained that he didn’t feel that it was needed in a small dog because they weighed less and were generally less active. At the time this made sense to my husband and I but only because we just didn’t educate ourselves to know any better and we desperately wanted this adorable puppy. NOTE: PUPPIES ARE ADORABLE. DO NOT LOSE YOUR MIND!

I found a great article from Paw Print Genetics about the importance of genetic testing and I want to share it with you here. I do genetic testing on my dogs because one of the goals of breeding is to produce the healthiest puppies possible. When I purchase breeding dogs I expect the highest quality of dogs and because of that I have decided to not include Drake in my breeding program. He is a GORGEOUS, well behaved dog and appears to be very healthy however his genetic testing came back as a carrier for degenerative myelopathy  Remember the note earlier? Again, puppies are adorable. Do not lose your mind!

I was upset when I received the results because I was told that both parents are health tested and clear. I was emailed a screenshot of what I now believe to be the health testing of A DIFFERENT dog that was not the true parent. This breeder has it on her website that health testing is done with Paw Print Genetics but when I search the “kennel name” (business name) or search for her name, I’ve searched for just her first name and Australian Labradoodle, I’ve searched for the parents name…nothing comes up. Now this is my fault for falling for a cute face and lots of cute puppy pictures. Please learn from my experience and follow up – ask for links to check the site yourself.

For the OFA testing, and this is done IN ADDITION to the genetic testing because it is for different issues, if a dog is younger than 2 years old they get a preliminary certificate for hips which those results do not appear on their site however they do mail us a certificate which we can scan or take a picture and post. It can also get confusing when breeders use two different names – on my dogs I use their first name (Shakira, Beyonce, JLo, Fergie, Rihanna, Mariah, Adele and Gaga) and my last name so it makes it very easy to find. Right now you will not find results for Fergie, Rihanna, Mariah, Adele and Gaga because they are young. I will take Fergie in for her OFA testing in the next month, I have put it off waiting for her outgrow her carsickness but I’ve done the genetic testing on everyone – this is the first step for me to decide if I will proceed with further testing and in the case of Drake I made the decision to “retire” him early and he will remain with his guardian family as their pet.

I hope this helps you with your search. If you have questions please feel free to call/email/text and we can chat more. I am obviously heartbroken about not using Drake for our program however degenerative myelopathy is much too serious of a disease for me to even consider using a carrier…but another breeder thought it was just fine. Please take the time to research – this disease doesn’t even hit until your dog is around 8 years old. Imagine how in love you are with your dog by 8 years old and that awesome guarantee that breeders offer is usually 1-2 years. Look it up, it is the human equivalent of Lou Gehrig’s disease/ALS but just to go over again he seems very healthy and is only a carrier so without the testing you would have no idea.

Here are pictures of the prelim reports

And when they entered Beyonce’s information they had a typo on her birthday listing her born in 2012 but she was born in 2013 so this should have been a prelim but we got the real certificate. You can also see her results on their website 

All of the certificates can be found online but I have the actual paper certificates in my office too 

Here are the eye reports 

And patella 

I’m sure I have more in addition to these but I wanted to update my site since I have removed Drake as one of our dogs. 

I still am learning everyday and I’m definitely not trying to claim I know it all or am better than everyone else but instead I’m trying to be as honest as I can about this “business” because in the end we end up being family and if someone has one of my puppies I want to stay a part of their lives and of course I want them to have a happy, healthy dog! 

JLo/Koa February 2017 Puppies 

26 Apr

This weekend our four JLo/Koa mini double doodles went home. I’ve been posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook but I wanted to share here on the blog in case you aren’t following on those social sites. I think it’s also fun to see how absolutely adorable they get and show all of their weekly pictures in one place. I’m gonna start with the most recent which was their pick up day and work my way backwards to week 1:

Then 7 weeks old:

Easter! Which was actually 6 weeks and 6 days but I wanted to use the cute Easter props I purchased

Week 6 pics:

Weeks 5 pics:

Week 4 pics:

Week 3 pics:

Week 2 pics:

Week 1 pics:

iCloud Shared Albums

15 Apr

When I first started out in 2014 someone commented that I posted too many pictures on Facebook. When I purchased my dogs I hated that I never got ENOUGH pics so that comment really surprised me but I figured if one person felt that way then there are others that agree. I was telling my husband Andru about this and he suggested creating iCloud shared albums. If you don’t know about this feature I’m about to change your world! 

This is from JLo and Koa’s last litter. By the time they went home I had shared over ONE THOUSAND pictures with those 6 families! I know that had to feel amazing because I’m currently waiting on a new puppy and she was 8 weeks old yesterday and I have received maybe 15 picture maximum. 

This album is from JLo and Koa’s current litter and they will be 7 weeks old in just 2 days so I’ll be adding to the album and beating the number of pics from our last litter of 6 and this is only 4 puppies!! 

These albums are in addition to the daily snaps I add on Snapchat (also saved on YouTube) and the puppy cam going 24/7. I really want families to be able to see their puppies as they grow and have those memories forever. 

I think this is just one example of the extra things that I do for my families that is above what other breeders are doing and I love being able to provide so many memories for my new families. 

I bet you can find a use for shared albums too. I’ve also used these when on vacation with a friend so we can both add our pictures to the same album, also spending a few hours at the lavender festival ended up with hundreds of beautiful pictures. Andru and I have used it many times for different dog picks (for example Easter shots or we’ve done Christmas, Hanukkah) and we also have a shared folder for pics of his son. If you don’t know how to use it give it a quick google. 

Easter 2017

15 Apr

I wanted to get some Easter pics of the girls. I see so many adorable pics on Instagram now, I’m amazed at the talented, creative people taking adorable pics of their dogs. 

I know my husband takes WAY BETTER pics and I still can’t figure out the “depth effect” on my iPhone 7 plus so I asked him if he could also take a few. Wow! Of course his are way better!!! Aren’t these girls so cute! I wish we had Shakira and Rihanna here for pics today 

What’s New

10 Mar
  • We now have a webcam so you can watch puppies anytime! They probably won’t be exciting for a few more weeks but they are still pretty cute to look at. Check the out at: PUPPY CAM I have it open all day because I love watching JLo take care of her babies!


  • I’m still posting lots of updates on Snapchat as well. Search for PupsByTaylor and you can see what is going on with Beyonce, JLo and Fergie and I also capture some puppy moments there too!


  • Koa is now officially retired, he has been neutered and his days of dating are over


  • It was a super difficult decision but I am NOT keeping another JLo/Koa puppy from their last litter together and I worry that down the road I might regret it because I know they are going to be ADORABLE. If I am thinking emotionally only (which is very easy for me to do) I’d probably keep the whole darn litter of 4 but I have been discussing with other experienced breeders and if I am thinking of the needs of my business and I need to get larger girls to have larger litters. I will still have minis however Beyonce is my largest girl and she is only 21 pounds. So I’m excited to announce that I have purchased a chocolate mini goldendoodle, born February 17th. Her mom is 24 pounds and came from a litter of 11 but Mariah (that is what we plan to name her) is one of seven puppies. Her father is 27 pounds and came from a litter of 10. Mariah will be here in April and she will stay in our home until July-August time frame and then she will live with a guardian home. We are still looking for a perfect fit so please contact me if you are interested. I will also be adding a few more females very soon…. details to come later…




03 Feb

UPDATE: Drake is living with Murphy now, a Beyonce puppy born 7/25/15 and they are already sharing the bed and best friends.

Our future Mr Right is in need of a guardian home. We are calling him Drake since it goes with the theme we already have AND how convenient is it that Rihanna was dating Drake and now JLo is and we will most likely use this boy with our Rihanna and JLo sometime in 2018.

Please contact me if you are interested in being a guardian family. It is rare I will have this opportunity with a male. The best part is I bring the girls to your house for a “date” as our place is a little hectic to focus one 1:1 “romance” between the dogs. He also does not need to be here to take care of puppies so less time having your pup away from home.

If a female is more appealing there is a chance we can make that work too but it will probably be closer to the end of 2017 but contact me and we can discuss. Thanks! ❤